Monday, 13 June 2016

I'm so sorry, Orlando.

To all of you gleefully saying that it was a "Muslim" who did the shooting in Orlando, and are poking fun at Muslims now, please remember why Muhammad Ali refused to go to war.

There are about 1.something billion Muslims in the world. You want to tell me that all these 1.something billion people are violent?

What about you? Have you looked within yourself, have you examined your own actions, words? Do you see the violence you've committed against those close to you, your own blood?

No. Of course not.

Because it makes you feel self-righteous to go on about the vile acts of others than to face your wrong-doing.

Are you ashamed of the killing in Orlando?

Why do Muslims have to be ashamed then?

The killing in Orlando grieves me as much as the murders of the innocent in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Israel, Sudan, CAR, in my own country and elsewhere. I think about the grief of the families. I've had a relative murdered and the killer was never caught.

Every morning before dawn I pray for peace. Yes, I am a Muslim. Go on, laugh at me and call me corny and sentimental for wanting ALL of us to be peaceful with each other.