Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mother & daughter.

Dear Everyone,

I know dis gon sound weird but!

Every morning...

...every single blessed, gracious morning, me and my mother got a tradition going.  We call up each other to see how the other is doing. Just a li'l half hour talk.

I call cos she does worry about how I do, being mostly alone here.  I call cos, as she say, "I love to hear your voice." (Not that I am that special of all she children...she love to hear all o' their voices).  I call cos it make she happy.

I does have to tell she every scrap of news going on here. Sometimes, she reminisce about the old days.  Sometimes, she give me tons of advice.

One day I say, "Mummy, how about if I start a blog for you and you write down all them things you tell me?"

She say, "Suppose I tell you and you write it down."

So...that is what ah doing now. Ah putting into a series of book my experiences with my mother, the stories she tell me too.  I don't want it to be like typical novel-book though. I want it to have the chatty, casual feel of conversations.

I better go pick up my clothes in the verandah, I see a bird landing on one line!!!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Dear Readers,

I been struggling with what to do wid de Guyana blog for quite some time.  Ever since it come to me notice dat people use it for research for book and papers without even giving me a li'l credit. 



I know it sound greedy and all o' that, but when you writing and want to publish and sell you' writing, a li'l bit o' credit does go a nice way. 

So...the plan is to make the writing there, on de Guyana blog private, so I can dig into it, pick from it it, water it, reap it.

And I gon be writing on this blog, I'migrant, which is actually how I feel right here and other places

Cheers xxx
Greetings from my home to yours xx