Friday, 15 March 2019

Moonlit night.

Dear World,

On a full-moon night, I does stand on this bed here and look north-east through the big window facing the sea. I does feel a wildness, something more than happiness, more than joy, I don't know if a word for it exist, I does feel it rushing through me veins, making me heart beat like a soft drum, fulling me head with love-thoughts, and I does wish I could fly out and sing this feeling to you, dear World.

Whenever me best friend in the Whole Wide World call via the Internet on a night like this, I does point me camera to that view.

The full moon, hanging low, does throw a light on the black-quivering sea, and even though cars and jeep rush past on the road, I does feel as if a mystical silence cover me and me friend, and only we two voices I can hear.

If only, dear World, if only everybody could experience this sea-stillness, and this light-beauty inside we-self, we-the-people everywhere wouldn't have to suffer the horror that hate wreaking 'pon all o' we everywhere today.

The other day, I hear a new song that reflect this longing in me.

Last night...I remember this song after the bloodshed last night in New Zealand.

The song is a ghazal, a love song, a type of Arab poetry that sing about separation and yearning to be together.

This song though is not a romantic song. Is a love song for all of humanity, separated, craving connection.

The video show a station...train or bus, I ain't know. It look like war pass through, and the people looking sad, waiting to continue on they life-travels.

Then Ali Sethi start to sing, and the connection...was a dream...or was real?

Oh World, oh beautiful, aching World. I wish, how I wish.


  1. Terrible news from New Zealand. I doubt we'll ever live in a world of peace, as much as I long to. So we have to find some peace within ourselves.

    1. It's all we can strive for, Joey...peace within ourselves.

      And after NZ, some other place. Shees. Pandora's box left open.

  2. Agree with LL Cool Joe. I can't remember where I saw this quote but it says whenever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. The NZ shooting, like all the others, break my heart, but the ones that occur in places of worship where the shooter (unbeknownst to the greeter) is invited to worship, breaks my heart the most. Houses of worship are supposed to be amongst the safest of places. Bless you

    1. I like that George, that gives me hope...that whenever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

      There are people who are so sick, they can't bear to see even acts of kindness, so they have to lash out.

  3. My dream house would have a view of the sea from the window. One day I hope to have one

    1. Kim, I hope you get your dream house, I really hope you do. They we can all descend on you and Maggie :-)