Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Welcome one and all!

 Howdy! (as Auntie M. would say!!!).

Imagine if, when travelling, you could stay in somebody else home instead of a hotel.

I do it a couple of times, in seaside towns, and y'know, it was real interesting every time. 

One colonial-era small home even had a jumbie!!! A ghost!!! Seriously! I ain't lying. It was a groaning ghost going: hhhhh hhhhhh hhhhhh. (Long story for another time).

Wasn't no fancy amenities in them homes. Plain. But super clean. Get you' own meals.

In the jumbie home, we sit in the verandah, facing the sea, with the hostess and other guests, and we gyaff...chat...before heading out to eat with some friends.


After I return to me homeland, I useta day-dream, suppose we offer we home as a li'l stopover for foreign visitors.

All body (except murderers and teefman...thieves) woulda been welcome, though how to screen good from bad, I ain't know.

Welcome, Cowards.

Welcome, Relationship Experts.

Welcome, Environmentalists, Herbalists, Recyclists.

Welcome, Folklorists.

Welcome, Plant People.

Welcome, Ghost Hunters.

Welcome, Linguists.

Welcome, Nature-Lovers.

Welcome, Sassy Mamas.

Awwwww, waitaminnit, we can't travel these days.

Oh! Hold on! Who say you can't?

Never say never.

With one click, you can, no airplane fee, just sit in you' cosy chair at home and visit this tropical palavering place.

The book is out now, friends.

It is at:

To get it on mobi (Kindle) and other kinds o' format, please see Smashwords.

It is also free in libraries (ask for it).

I promise you hours of fun.


xx neena.

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Welcome Feminists, Feisty Ladies & Fierce Gals.

Hello everyone!

You like okro? I mean, okra (we say 'okro'). I cook it yesterday. Fry-okro. 

I had it with daal and rice and smoke fish. Mmmm.

You got to wash it clean, wipe it dry-dry-dry. Then slice it thin-thin. So you end up with pretty little circles. 

Then, I stir-fry it with a li'l bit o' olive oil, garlic, onion (chop up small-small). You can add a pinch o' turmeric powder and hot pepper too...but I don't eat pepper at all! 

While cooking it, you got to keep regulating the heat, from medium high to low so it don't burn before it cook through and through. Cover the pan every now and then, stir it so it don't stick in the pan.

Don't add salt until almost near the end. The salt can make it slimy like crooks and politicians.

Y'know, every time I cook okro, I remember a' incident my mother tell me about in the...oh...wait...no...

...you can read it in the book, Big Ole Home By De Sea.

Here...look...a hint!

Welcome feminists, feisty ladies & fierce gals!

So tell me...you ever eat okro...okra...in any way, shape, form? 

If you want to try cooking it, ask me right here, I can share easy recipes with you.

Cheers for now.

Stay safe xxx

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Welcome Home Owners

Yesterday, dear Friends,

Me an' Ma been deep-cleaning the tv section of the living-room like a dentist scraping you' teeth.

Every day, we gon clean a section of the house until the whole house is spic 'n' span like if queen visiting.

I so tired, I can't even remember me name. I want to lay down and snore like ole man on the roadside. On second thoughts, instead o' cleaning every day, I gon clean twice a week.

Haha, the doorbell just ring, and them two cats running to hide under the settee. Even if a doorbell ring on a tv show, these two cats does slink down, bend they head low, and flee. Dunno what calamity they does imagine coming.

What a thing, you in you' home, when baddang...

...remind me of a scene in me book!


How y'all keeping up your spirits? Everything okay? I trying to stay merry, but I feeling a li'l bit like that driver in the car......

Stay safe and stay well. xxx