Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Welcome Feminists, Feisty Ladies & Fierce Gals.

Hello everyone!

You like okro? I mean, okra (we say 'okro'). I cook it yesterday. Fry-okro. 

I had it with daal and rice and smoke fish. Mmmm.

You got to wash it clean, wipe it dry-dry-dry. Then slice it thin-thin. So you end up with pretty little circles. 

Then, I stir-fry it with a li'l bit o' olive oil, garlic, onion (chop up small-small). You can add a pinch o' turmeric powder and hot pepper too...but I don't eat pepper at all! 

While cooking it, you got to keep regulating the heat, from medium high to low so it don't burn before it cook through and through. Cover the pan every now and then, stir it so it don't stick in the pan.

Don't add salt until almost near the end. The salt can make it slimy like crooks and politicians.

Y'know, every time I cook okro, I remember a' incident my mother tell me about in the...oh...wait...no...

...you can read it in the book, Big Ole Home By De Sea.

Here...look...a hint!

Welcome feminists, feisty ladies & fierce gals!

So tell me...you ever eat okro...okra...in any way, shape, form? 

If you want to try cooking it, ask me right here, I can share easy recipes with you.

Cheers for now.

Stay safe xxx


  1. I have never cooked or eaten okro, in fact I thought it was a pop band.

    1. Joey, hahaha...I'm heard of Smashin Pumpkins. What's this band? Slimey Okra? :-D :-D :-D

  2. I don't think I have ever eaten okra (or cooked it). It is only in the last few years it has appeared in our stores - and not on a reliable basis.

    1. Child, if properly cook, it's niiiiiiice. Steamed with fish, onions, pumpkin, garlic...mmmm....eaten with rice or green plantain.