Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Welcome Home Owners

Yesterday, dear Friends,

Me an' Ma been deep-cleaning the tv section of the living-room like a dentist scraping you' teeth.

Every day, we gon clean a section of the house until the whole house is spic 'n' span like if queen visiting.

I so tired, I can't even remember me name. I want to lay down and snore like ole man on the roadside. On second thoughts, instead o' cleaning every day, I gon clean twice a week.

Haha, the doorbell just ring, and them two cats running to hide under the settee. Even if a doorbell ring on a tv show, these two cats does slink down, bend they head low, and flee. Dunno what calamity they does imagine coming.

What a thing, you in you' home, when baddang...

...remind me of a scene in me book!


How y'all keeping up your spirits? Everything okay? I trying to stay merry, but I feeling a li'l bit like that driver in the car......

Stay safe and stay well. xxx


  1. Twice a week sounds fine. Rest up - you is important. And the cleaning can wait. Even if the Queen IS coming, the cleaning can wait.

    1. Ahhh Child, ahhh, the dust is terrible. But yes, 2 days and rest. Plus I go for walks, and mum goes with me. If I don't go, she gets cabin fever (cranky).

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Robert, welcome.

      Why do I know you from somewhere? :-D

  3. When the doorbell rings I run and hide too.

    I read somewhere that Queens bedroom is a bit messy and old and need of a good clean, so I wouldn't bother too much.