Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Bright Smiles Will Save Earth.

Hello Beautiful Friends,

Recently, I been seeing all kinds o' photos with surgical masks choking the environment. 

Rubbish on the ground, trash in the air, hanging on bird-neck.

Somebody been telling me that it is because nobody ain't putting them in bins. 

Huh. Far as me concerned, putting them in bins don't get rid o' them. They still exist even though we ain't seeing them.

I mean, look at toothbrushes. They turn up on beach by the hundreds even though we put them in the bin at home, eh?

Maybe we shouldn't use toothbrush. My mother say they never use it! They useta brush they teeth with blacksage! Or maybe every single toothbrush company should start making toothbrush handle with bamboo.

As for floss! Hehe. I got a solution. Embroidery thread. You can check it out here: 

All teeth bright and beautiful.

Laugh and the whole world gon laugh with you...at you.

Anyway, back to the surgical mask problem. I find a video that show you how. But to sum it up, you wash the mask, dry it, cut off the strings, pull out the wire, cut one side of the mask, open it up...tah-dah...plant pot.

Check out the video, How to make a surgical mask plant pot: 


Easy-peasy, a child can make this.

Okay, I getting off me soapbox. My mother ask me to be hairdresser today. Wish me luck. The next thing you know, she walking around with one side mo' long than the other side.

Cheers and please stay safe. Remember to laugh after you floss with you' colourful thread. Tee-hee. Plenty love, neena xx


  1. We are such a careless species. Good luck with your hair cutting role.

    1. Child, indeed, we have the most and we care the least. Like children with everything, with too much.

      I've put off the haircutting. Mum lives with my sister and my brother-in-law, and they've moved home...and seeing that I'm here with them, helping mum, being her companion...it was massive work moving. So the hair cutting had to be put on hold. Not that I'm complainging, hehe.

  2. As soon as it all began, Maggie whipped up a few triple-layer masks on the sewing machine from an old pillow case - apparently they are pretty much as good as anything you can buy, and you can just wash and reuse them. I don't understand why anyone is buying single-use masks

    1. Kim, I love Maggie. She is an inspiration in so many ways.

      When I was home, in Guyana, I'd listen to BBC radio drama and sew masks.

      My masks were disasters. They wouldn't stay up, and I couldn't breathe with them. I had to use the blue surgical masks. I now have proper washable masks.

      As an experiment, I'd love to do something creative and long lasting with the disposable masks.