Wednesday, 29 December 2021


Hello my dear friends and curious cats, 
I'm experimenting with posting my own seeeellly videos. 
Can you guess what this is?

Toodleoooo for naowwww, neena, xxx.

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Come join me on my yacht.

My Dear Friends, Book Lovers, Nature Lovers, Food Lovers, Culture Lovers, Travel Lovers, Language Lovers,

December 16 2020, I launch me 1st book in the Guyana series: Big Ole Home By De Sea.

I suspect de book baffle some people.

Here is a li'l truth about de book (with more like it to come).

I like to stretch rules creatively. To experiment. 

I didn't want to write a book that, as they say in the writing world, is "plot driven". 

I want you to feel as if you wander off the beaten track, get lost, and I invite you in to day and night. Kill mosquitoes. Eat (not necessarily mosquitoes). Drink (not necessarily maskita blood. Or human blood - we ain't old huiges).

I serve you slices o' life - salty, sweet, vile. 

I throw snap shots at you. Show you skits. "Mind videos". You hear mutterings, musings, laughter. 

You watch we dreaming. Lounging. Longing. You witness mother and daughter learning to live in harmony, and grassroots-people mingling with money-people. 

In de book, you "hear" we raw, unedited (even though I work me tail off to sculpt the words).

De book is still a' e-book. Starting Friday, December 17, to the end of New Year's Day, it is on a Smashwords sale binge. 

If y'all buy this book, y'all can join me on me yacht...which I plan to buy from sales of this book. (Read about the yacht in de book).

Well, even if you don't like to read e-books, you can get 2, 3 e-books for friends. Tell them how much you love them, and you know this book gon warm them and keep them happy in the freezing cold winter months.

You can get it for them right here:

Look on the right hand side. See the "Give as a gift" link?

All aboard.

Much love, neena xxx.

P.S. I got plenty life-jackets, don't worry.

Sunday, 12 December 2021

Bed Talk.

My dear Friends,

Y'all ever hear about the gyal who take photos of she sad bed-life? And the next thing you know, the pikcha of the bed, or the bed itself, I ain't know which one, sell for a million or more.

I did laugh until I enlightened meself further, because, you know, that is the reason why creatives do what they do...they talk to we in different ways, open we eyes and mind to aspects about life we tend to ignore.

The installation bring to light depression, women private life, and it break the stereotypes of how women live. What could make a woman fall this hard that she can't get up?

As some of you know, I got a deep fascination for bed. 

I can't see a bed without thinking how privileged we are to have a safe place to lay weself down when we sick and tired or just want to relax. 

I think about them broken human beings on cold concrete, a cardboard for they bed. 

And refugees. I think about refugees every single day. The old folks and children, women and men, in tents, in the freezing cold.

Every morning, if I grumble to meself that I got to tidy up the mess I create when I shed blankets, tee-shirts, pyjamas, that I use during the night to keep warm, I remember those who would long for this again, this soft, warm chaos that they can smooth out to make a haven. I promise meself to find a way to help them, one day.

So many pillows!!

This weekend, I been staying in bed because I feeling the effects of vaccine number three.

I want to sleep so bad.

Take care, stay safe, and count your beautiful blessings, neena xx.

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Bathroom News.

My Dear Friends,

Good morning from De Home Front.

Weather warming up nice-nice, like civilised people.

Speaking of people...ever notice how some people can stay ten hours in de baat'room? What they got that is so dirty, to bathe so long? How much dirt a body can have if they ain't a farmer, any kinda outdoor worker?

T'ree (3) people in my fam'ily is very guilty. I ain't calling names. One nephew does read newspaper cartoons. Another nephew does have he phone-radio on; whenever I pass by outside, I do a li'l jig to them tinny-tinny songs blaring out. 

Then there is one brother who does sing Rolling Stones at the top o' he lungs. To this day, I can't see a red door without thinking that somebody, counting colours and dreaming about brown sugar, want to paint the door black.

Another Person...oh, that is four in all...she who name I ain't calling but we know she as Mummy...say that she does take long 'cause she old and slow. Well, that mean she been old and slow from the day I born.

Anyway, the baat'room news. 

Every week, I scrub the baat'room shine like glass, step outside to admire it. But, this week, I decide that scrubbing take up too much precious time. I could be writing instead. The only solution to keep it clean is to not use it.

"Don't use de baat'room," I announce to Mummy.

"What I must use then?" she ask.

"De hose in de garden to bathe. And dig a hole for de toilet!"

Speaking of holes. Last night, I poke the baat'room snake down the sink hole.

I don't know if you know about the baat'room snake, Dear Friends.

It is the most wonderfullous invention in The Whole Wide World. Better than sliced bread. The only thing it ain't better than is the Internet, but it sure come close to.

The Baat'room Snake (which deserve capital letters to the name, come to think of it) is a flat, long, tough plastic strip with jagged edges. 

Last night, I shuuve it down the pipe of the sink.

My Dear Friends!

If y'all see what I haul out like treasures from the deep blue!

All the things that Mauby Dick ever did swaller. Y'know Mauby Dick, that whale that Ahab the Arab been hunting? Funny how they name the whale Mauby Dick. Mauby is a delicious bitter-sweet drink from my lovely native land. 

Anyway, I got two skeletons dripping with confusion and conspiracy; a ship, dark with age and algae; and hanging on the the jagged edges of the Snake was all the muck and chaos and pandemonium of the east and west.

Ohhhhh, Me Dear Friends.

If y'all only know how I quiver with delight when the sink let the water down and then belch. It was a beautiful belch. Loud with satisfaction, like a man after he done eat daal and rice and curry.

Anyway, daz all for today. I planning a newsletter about Books.

I gone to do the laundry. Goodness knows what fanstastical things I gon find.

Have fun, stay safe, plenty love, neena. xx