Monday, 14 December 2015

Off to Florida!

Guyana, Dec. 6. 2015...

Morning, Guyana

...stretch, yawwwn, switch on de Dinosaur TV (no, dat ain't a brand)... man with de funny hairstyle is saying something about banning Muslims going to America.

"He can't be serious! America can lose money," I think, then I suck my teeth in one amused, dismissive way and continue packing. Huh! Not even dat man can diminish my excitement as I try to decide what to wear to travel...

Hand-and-machine stitched denim skirt

...something warm but it shouldn't make me sweat. I ain't know what kinda weather gon hang around with me in Florida, I got to pack light (see de light across de patchwork denim skirt?)...I'm only going for a few weeks...

Closer to de travel date though, my imagination creeps up like one o' dem scary scenes in a horror movie, duum-duum-duum, a cold hand squeezes my heart and pushes it up into my throat. Aiyyy, hold me before ah faint, my legs feel weak, ah want to lie down, aiy, mamma, my stomach churns like if I am on a Disney ride...not that I ever been on one, and Annie been pestering me that I *should* go, "you can't go to Florida and not go to Disney," she says in dis hot, aggravated manner that she got, and I argue back saying that I always prefer to see nature whenever I visit Florida.

"Psst, psst," my wutliss (wicked) imagination whispers, "Dem immigration people gon hold you in a cold, white, sterile room where voices and feet echo and metal chairs scrape and rattle. Your family gon fret in de waiting area, not knowing what happen to you..."

I know dis gon sound mighty frivolous but...

...I chuck all o' that aside and, while packing, I think how I might go shopping for round, retro, 70s style eye-wear...


  1. I can think of some people I would like to see in that cold, sterile room. And they aren't Muslim.

  2. Packing light is something I'm not good at. Good luck finding the 70s eye wear. And have fun!

  3. Joey, I used to think I was good at it...then I realised how heavy the darn suitcases were when I had to lift them on and off the places we must lift them on and off. Then I found myself not wearing everything...

    Child, you've made me laugh. I can think of some from my country too :-D

  4. I'm having the same problems - what to wear - what to pack and it goes on for days and days. Must go and make sure I have plenty to read on my old kindle.
    I love your colourful new blog. Happy Holiday!

    1. Pat, and now I've packed *not enough* and I'm upset with myself! It's not like I'm a fashionista or anything, I tend to waver between bohemian and some sort of trend, but I do like having to sort through and decide.

      Happy Holidays to you toooooo.

      Thank you, I will try to make the blog enjoyable :-)

  5. It's a bit like photography - I'm never sure which bits of gear - lighting and lenses - I'm likely to need so take it all then end up using only a fraction of it.

    The man with the funny hair has been dropped as a business ambassador for Scotland, and has had an honourary degree revoked from a Scottish University too.

    1. Kim, that's me and my writing tools...laptop, phone, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't bring my tablet. Then there are the things I save work on...

      Yes, I've heard about the man with the funny hair being dropped by Scotland.

      If I sit on the fence and look at all points of view, including his...I see that he's afraid for his country, but he has gone about it the wrong way.