Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Welcome Home Owners

Yesterday, dear Friends,

Me an' Ma been deep-cleaning the tv section of the living-room like a dentist scraping you' teeth.

Every day, we gon clean a section of the house until the whole house is spic 'n' span like if queen visiting.

I so tired, I can't even remember me name. I want to lay down and snore like ole man on the roadside. On second thoughts, instead o' cleaning every day, I gon clean twice a week.

Haha, the doorbell just ring, and them two cats running to hide under the settee. Even if a doorbell ring on a tv show, these two cats does slink down, bend they head low, and flee. Dunno what calamity they does imagine coming.

What a thing, you in you' home, when baddang...

...remind me of a scene in me book!


How y'all keeping up your spirits? Everything okay? I trying to stay merry, but I feeling a li'l bit like that driver in the car......

Stay safe and stay well. xxx

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Welcome Foodies.

Hello Dear Friends,

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Or as we-the-people say, T'anksgiving Day.  

Dat 'th' sound is so difficult to make.  And too besides, who need a' extra H, eh? Everybody know what we mean when we say, "We got t'ree trees in we yard."

Anyway, with the way everybody tanking up on food, T'anksgiving might be a better word, if you ask me.

Turkey roasting in almost every house in America, even in homes of people who never eat turkey in dey previous homeland.

I NEVER had turkey while growing up, and I did never meet anybody who eat it then either. But I can bet you any bet, the people who eat it Back Home would curry it, bake it, fry it cripsy with plenty spice. 

I won't be surprised if they make pepperpot with it too.  

Pepperpot is a wicked-delicious stew. To cook it, you need cassareep, a sauce that the Indigenous People make with grated cassava. 

Speaking of wicked!

Here is something straight outta me book!


Big Ole Home By De Sea on Apple.

Big Ole Home By De Sea at Barnes and Noble.

Big Ole Home By De Sea on Smashwords.

I been working on dis for a good while, trying to sketch tiny scenes from the book. I hope it tickle you' curiosity.

Cheers and stay well.

Plenty love,


Monday, 19 October 2020

 Ahhhh, me Dear Friends,

How life treating you all?

Remember the last time I been here? Struggling to format me manuscript to publish it online? 

Remember me saying that trying to understand the manual on how to format was like trying to get water to seep into a stone?

Guess what!!!

I give you three guesses.

Or as we-the-people say, as we drop the h from three...

...t'ree guesses.

The stone break, water seep in and the tree grow.

It feel like a miracle.

I in shock.

I...me...I learn how to format me manuscript. All by meself.

And I upload it.

And they approve the formatting.

Lemme pick up me jaw from the floor!


Big Ole Home By De Sea.

You can go here and read a sample on the Online Reader link.

The lesson for me is this...no matter how small I feel, no matter how hard the ground...

...if I keep going, I can make it.


Ever had a tough task, a difficult phase in life, but you persevere until...?

Nuff love,


Monday, 10 August 2020


Dear Friends,

Ahhhh, me dear, dear friends!

What I can say? How to explain these past few months without being dramatical?

I been struggling with trying to learn how to format me manuscript. Lemme explain what I mean by struggle.

Ever try to pour water into stone? 

I ain't mean the stone got a hole and you pour the water into the hole. 

I mean you pour the water on the stone, and you wait for the water to seep into the stone.

And I ain't mean a porous stone that soak up the juice. I talking about a pahticular type o' stone...it is a pale blue-ish grey, with glints o' silvery-white-crystally type o' shimmer in it. It is a stone that they build house with. Hhhhhhard.

Me head is this stone.

I read the instructions on the manual a trillion times...the rest-of-the-world trillion, not the American trillion, which is less than the rest-of-the-world trillion. And I still struggle to understand what going on. I had to take a drill and work it into me mind. And finally, I understand a li'l bit.

So, that is where me is right now with the formatting. 

On top of all this, there was The Election Drama that been absorbing the attention of all and sundry of this here land.

March 2, the people vote.

Five months later, up to last week Sunday, the people couldn't get the results...even though all the observers...local, regional, international...could see that the guvament lose, and the opposition win. Some supporters of the guvament admit openly that the guvament lose.

The guvament throw tantrum, and create story so fantastical, the people start to say it could be a Netflix series. It been more dramatical than the Housewives Of series, that American show where rich ladies scream at one another.

If y'all coulda see the screaming that went down in Georgetown! Guvament minister ladies, shouting at media, and at opposition people, giving the Housewives ladies strong competition.

It get to a point where ambassadors, EU people, Caribbean leaders, plead with the guvament to step down. The pleas fall on ears hard like the stone I mention up there.

Every day was a different episode. People forget they cow and cat to watch the show.

Finally, after threats of personal sanctions, last Sunday, quiet like lamb, the past president concede. Drama done.

I hope y'all staying safe from bad politicians and other types of covid.

Plenty love xxx

Friday, 27 March 2020

Oh, those vain poets.

Dear Kim,

I just done read you' thoughts about the role o' art in these here troubled times:


Me can't believe that we got people who feel that art is a frivolous past-time, that it unnecessary right now. They couldn't be more wrong.

I must say though, negative people does serve a good purpose. They stop we in we tracks, make we take a second look at we role as creative people.

Look, a quick thought from me:

Art is the language for those who can't find the words, for all who need release. It helps us to dig our way out of the dark self, the frightened self, to seek a way out of it, to find that light we all so need in good times and bad.

I'm busy reaching out to people in Guyana, they are so scared...what with the virus and the threat of dictatorship looming.

I'm so busy trying to calm others, I almost forgot to calm myself.

Art helps me. I must sit still and think.

Dear Reader, if you passing through this space, or if you visiting Kim, share you' thoughts, nah?

Monday, 23 March 2020

Love ain't money, you can give away a lot.

Dear People,

I been thinking how, as a creative, cheerful, sunshine-wala, it is me duty to cheer you up.

I must show photos of flowers.

And food.

Lotsa food.


Dogs doing clever tricks.

Adorable babies.

I been watching Internet folks being witty, posting jokes on social media with emoticons crying from laughing too much. I share them too, these li'l bits o' candy.

I been watching intellectuals channel they anger and fear into fine, sharp words, to motivate governments to do the right thing for people in this dreadful time.

I must jump on me soapbox too.

And be passionate.

Unleash words that gon get hundreds of likes.

But feeling in me heart that nothing don't get done.

Or maybe, something.

Our leaders might hit the jackpot and everything gon work out lucky.

(Unless they in South Korea, or Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan, where they ain't playing, they behaving more like loving parents with discipline).

And we...

...we gon weep 'cause of the arrogance of The Grand Shepherds so careless and callous, look how they fumbling and lost more than the lambs they was supposed to care for.

How they gon write we history, I ain't know.

They gon say what a valiant fight we put up?

They gon say how much money we businesses did lose, but we bounce back?

They gon pat one another backs when is safe to do so again?

Drink champaigne?

Or whatever they drink when they flatter each other?

I ain't know what to do or say to comfort you, dear aching, lonely people...

...you who ain't hip and healthy and young and cool...

...you who others neglect, forget,

you with skin that tell ancient stories, who don't have university words, flowers, pies and pastries to pose online,

stew and other mouth-watering


I ain't know what to say to comfort you, but believe you me, I love you and wish I could hug you too.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Welcome weary wanderer.

When this whole world feel like there ain't nothing to be joyful about...welcome!

Here, you get heapings o' light and delight!

Book to come later this year, August 11.

In the meantime, see you on your blogs.

Pssst! Y'all can spot the monster in the picture? Hint...no, it ain't the parrot.