Sunday, 16 April 2017


Dear World,

Everybody on social media these days is shining.


They are fierce.

They are fighters.






They are snappy.

Having fun. Lots of fun. With glasses of intoxicants. Lots of glasses in two hands.

Women paint their faces and pout. Duck-mouth pout.

They check for likes.

People have a platform.

And projects.

And even those who are at home doing nothing, they ooze.





Apparently, if you ain't all of the above, you're conservative.

Today, I am rebelling.

I want to do nothing-nothing.

But think.

And watch the dry green grass shake a little in the hot sea breeze.

And think



and think

and go

against the grain

of all the wisdom that says that on social media, you must be clever, smart, funny, Etc.

And I want to jot down the "thinks" in my note-book.

I am rebelling.


  1. Blogging is as close as I get to social media.
    And I have a very soft spot for rebels. Particularly thinking rebels, who revel in nature.

    1. Child, I don't think of blogging as social media. I don't know why. It feels more personal. And not so rushed. When I blog, or read blog, I feel happy for days.

      Is thinking a form of rebelling now?

      Has it always been this way?

      More thoughts on thinking another time :-)

  2. Join the club! I am a bit of a hermit now and tend to think a lot, probably too much. I think of friends who suddenly disappear out of my social circle because I ribbed them a little so they "unfriend" me instead of ribbing me back, and we have a laugh.

    I used to keep journals/notebooks to jot down my thoughts until one day a "friend" picked one up and read it when I was out of the room.Now he says I'm a crank and a nutcase! I don't even have a TV or a radio. I watch and listen to what I want to watch on the Internet. Like you I sit and watch the world go by from the top of a hill nearby; the motorway, clogging up with slow moving traffic 24/7, the people rushing around trying to fit everything into one day, stabbing away on their smartphones whilst almost running.

    I think the world has gone mad!

    1. I think the world's always been mad, Keith.

      But wow...just wow...that someone would read another person's diary? I've packed my mother's diary, my sister's diary, and wasn't even tempted to peek inside.

      I'm not a hermit-type hermit. I love being around people. But social media [as in 'those other places'] can make a soul feel like it's being pulled down.

      That's when I tiptoe away from it.

      As I was saying to Child in the comment above, blogging doesn't feel like social media at all.

      I love being outdoors and exploring too. Yay.