Friday, 27 March 2020

Oh, those vain poets.

Dear Kim,

I just done read you' thoughts about the role o' art in these here troubled times:

Me can't believe that we got people who feel that art is a frivolous past-time, that it unnecessary right now. They couldn't be more wrong.

I must say though, negative people does serve a good purpose. They stop we in we tracks, make we take a second look at we role as creative people.

Look, a quick thought from me:

Art is the language for those who can't find the words, for all who need release. It helps us to dig our way out of the dark self, the frightened self, to seek a way out of it, to find that light we all so need in good times and bad.

I'm busy reaching out to people in Guyana, they are so scared...what with the virus and the threat of dictatorship looming.

I'm so busy trying to calm others, I almost forgot to calm myself.

Art helps me. I must sit still and think.

Dear Reader, if you passing through this space, or if you visiting Kim, share you' thoughts, nah?

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