Thursday, 11 February 2021


 Dear Kindle Readers,

I hope you been able to get de book!

(Trust me, it gon take you right into a home full o'...lemme leave it up to you to decide...).

If you find it a bit difficult to download, this is what you got to do:

Click on this link here:

Big Ole Home By De Sea on Smashwords.

Just below the description of the book, you gon see: First 10% Sample.

Next to that, you gon see mobi (Kindle). Click on that box. Follow the instructions.

Tah dah.

Welcome weary wanderer! Shake off the dust of that hard world outside. Rest. Eat. Drink.

Peace and love to all. xxx neena.


  1. I am old fashioned. When there is no alternative I will read books on line (on the PC rather than a kindle) but I much, much prefer real books.

    1. I too prefer real books, Child.

      And, knowing that many readers prefer real books, I've formatted this book so it doesn't feel like a book.

      I've done it in a blog style...there are super-short pieces, some long but not so long pieces. And lots of white space so the reader feels like s/he is drifting through a lovely place. The reader can scroll, read a bit...drift on...

  2. I do not have a kindle. Actually I don't read many books. Sigh.

    1. Joey, you can download it at if you use PayPal, and read it on your laptop. It has huge white spaces, and the skits, conversations, etc, are short-short.

      It's like breezing through a different country.

      I tell people it's not a book-book, if you know what I mean. It's a long conversation, it's like eavesdropping into someone's home. It is hilarious, and I promise you will laugh your head off. It's irreverent in some places, pokes fun, and in other places, it can be not too correct.

      You can get it for half the price on Smashwords, from March 7 until the 14th.