Saturday, 11 September 2021

One week of bliss

My dear  Friends,

I ain't no photographer, it is just me phone-camera that I use always. I take pics to remind me of happy places, and, sometimes, weird-ridiculous things. Me pics is visual notes for me, for later.

So, when I show you them pikchas of what I take last week, please bear in mind that they gon look like some normal place to you. But, to me, when I look months later, I can feel again the warm breeze and sunlight on me skin, and hear the cicadas in the bush. I can smell the sweet grass crushing under me feet. I remember the peace.

Inside the verandah, looking out.

I had to go...

I had to go!


Late afternoon sunlight, inside, looking out again.

Outside again.

Near the top. A hole to freedom? Or a home?

At the very top, wildness let loose.

At the top, looking towards tamed life, wildness behind me.

Down again, close to the road.

It late now, Friends, I falling asleep as if Sandman throw extra zzzzsand. 

See you tomorrow. 

As the Arab proverb go, May you wake up to good news. 

Plenty lurve, neena xx.


  1. Ordinary?
    That looks like a haven of peace and delight to me.
    Sleep well.

    1. Thank you, Child. To my 3rd world mind, I always think that people living in developed countries are accustomed to places like this, so they see it as ordinary.

      It truly is special. I've told my cousin this, over and over. She's created a lovely space.

  2. To anyone in an urban environment, green trees and fields are going to look idyllic.
    And anyone who lives in a desert environment too...
    It's very easy to assume that what we see is normal and no one else will be interested or impressed. And yet, whatever our lives, circumstances, or location, it's always going to be exotic and other worldly to someone.

    1. Kim, I've seen people look with jaded eyes at places like this.

      I was sort of apologising in advance for sharing pics of a place that, to me, is lovely.