Friday, 26 March 2021

Funny Friday frases to show off to your friends: KETCH DIS!

Dear Friends, Fellow Explorers, Travellers, Curious Cats & Culture Vultures like meself,


I trying to: 

to buy the yat...fancy that we can go sailing on the glorious sea.

Ketch is a good word, you don't think? 

On land, you can:

On the sea, you can:

Strict warning though! You don't want to:

Or else, you gon:

Think of all them pirates and parasites that gon be interested in you' yah...fancy boat!!!

Hmmm...oh! Hey! I can paint it to look like a big-big ocean wave.

Imagination is a fantastical thing, eh? With it, you don't feel no boredome at home, you can roam from here to Rome in you' magical mind. Look what I find...a mosquito net that look like sea foam.

Time to hop out and take a li'l walk, me dears. 

Take care and dream away about wonderful places and things and words, neena xx.


  1. Replies
    1. :-D

      Child, use them phrases when gyaffing with your friends and check out their reaction. :-D

  2. Given the fact it doesn't look like we'll be travelling any time soon all we can do is imagine! That net looks like a discarded wedding veil to me. :D

  3. Joey, sometimes, before I sleep, I close my eyes and imagine myself in a place I like. I sleep so happily then.

    Heh. If it's a discarded wedding veil, I hope the bride ketch a nice man and they having fun. :D