Friday, 5 March 2021


Dear Readers, Travellers, Passers-by, Friends and Strangers,

Y'all ever google y'all self? (I don't know why, but saying that sound a li'l vulgar, nah?)

I don't normally google me. But one day this week, I been looking up "Caribbean literature online" and I come across this:

"As one of the strongest female Caribbean voices who has been blogging consistently, Guyana Gyal is clearly a pioneer of Caribbean feminist blogging."

(Guyana Gyal...that was me on the now closed-Guyana blog).

I feel a li'l shame to admit, but it make me feel good. 

Maybe I should start doing selfies.

I sitting here trying to pout.

To do a duck-mouth.

Because, apparently, that is what you got to do.

I ain't too fond of doing selfies for some reason though. I always come across like this: 

Bazzodee - stupidee - gone!

The worst one was this!!

Wha' de heck happen here?

I ain't got nooooo idea how it happen. Was in a' ole mirror with flaws, in we family home.  I come to the conclusion that selfies ain't for me.

I gon start doing sketches instead. Like self-portraits.

Awww...look how I cute, eh?

I better go cook lunch before my poor Ma drop down with hunger, and the next thing you know, people gon be saying how I been too absorbed with meself. 

Have a good day until next time,
neena xxx

1 comment:

  1. Given my druthers I don't do ANY photos of myself, much less selfies.
    I cannot draw either so the world is safe from being forced to look at me.
    Love what you found when you googled yourself (and yes I would be feeling warm and fuzzy about it too).