Tuesday, 30 March 2021

The magical, fantastical tree.

Dear Tree-lovin' Friends and Fellow Travellers,

Yesterday, soon o' morning, there me was, with 2 family members, swooshing past rickety homes surrounded by trees.

It was all romantical like in them tv movies about old times, and like in that Netflix show, Anne With An E. Fog swirling, and homes shut up to keep warm. I coulda just smell the coffee and toast, jam and bake beans for breakfast.

But y'know what was wrong with the picture?

Not a coconut tree in sight. 

This part o' Florider here is too cold for them. They need sunshine, and they want breeze to make them swing like Car'bean dancers.

When I get me own home, the first thing I gon do is plant a couple o' coconut trees.  

Coconut tree is the most fantastical tree in the universe. You can lay back and watch it sway against the sky, make broom with the branches, oil from the coconut, and drink the water. It would take a fat book to list off what and what we can do with the various parts and produce of that tree.

It is the one tree that practically every child in my own native land does learn to draw. 

Even the crafts-people carve it into they work.

Granted, you can't risk hugging a coconut tree. Cos, depending on the mood of the tree, it can pelt you with a coconut and if that land on you' head, you might think a meteor drop on you when you see them stars swirling 'round you.

Speaking of dropping from a coconut tree, you can imagine what happen here one night?

I know y'all don't believe what you seeing. But I telling you, it is true. I hear the tale with me own two ears, well, one and a half, seeing that I got part hearing in the left ear after a childhood problem with a' ear quack.

Y'all stay safe from all things falling...sky and so on and so forth. 

Til next time, neena xx.


  1. ALL trees are magical and fantastical. A long standing dream of mine is of talking to the Ents - and even better of talking to the Entwives.

    1. Child, that is true-true-true. How I wish I could make more people see the magic and beauty of trees. When I was little, I used to read Enid Blyton's magic faraway tree stories. The JOY!!

      For us, the coconut tree is extra-special...different...it's like a gifted person.

      I haven't read the Tolkein books...I know, I know...

  2. I've suddenly realised I've never seen a real coconut tree - only in books and on TV or in films. I love the taste of coconut though. And there's a place that make coconut ice cream that we visit when on holiday in that corner of the country.

  3. Kim, as a photographer, you would love the coconut tree. :-)

    And if Maggie can get her hands on coconut milk (in a can, or frozen in bags or boxes), she can make all kinds of goodies.