Thursday, 27 May 2021

Happy Home Always

Dear Friends from different lands,

Imagine you'self without a home of you' own.

You can't walk the way you want to walk. You can't talk with nobody tellin' you shhh. You can't make decisions about how you want you' space to look, what you want to cook. Sit here, don't go there. Lock the door! Come inside!

Why I thinking along these lines?

Yesterday, me li'l native land turn 55 and, me sitting so far away from there, me thoughts turn to home. What independence mean. No, no, I ain't the flag-waving, slogan-singing type. That sorta activity does remind me too much of them states that make citizens worship the ground they leader walk on. That, to me, is exactly like losing you' home, and having others dictate to you how to live.

Nothing nicer than you' own space.

Have a lovely day at home.

Plenty lurve, neena xx.


  1. I think that nationalism is dangerous. Very dangerous.
    That said (while I am not going to say it is the best place in the world) there is much about my country that I love. And other facets that I fight hard to change.
    Enjoy your time at home dear friend - where ever it might be.

  2. Child, I agree! It is very dangerous. It breeds closed minds. Camus said: I love my country too much to be a nationalist.

    I love my country, but I see the problems. I think that's what real love is, and not the rose-coloured view nationalists hold.

    I love Oz too. :-)