Saturday, 22 May 2021


My dear Lovelies...Friends and Fellow Sufferers,

When you having a most difficult time sorting out a problem, and you bawl like child struggling to tie shoe lace, what you say? 

What is you' country local expression?

We does say: I seeing ning-ning. 

I who consider meself a wordsmith, yes,me, I ain't know how to translate this word. All I can do is describe 2 situations that cause me to see ning-ning.

The whole of yesterday and last night I see ning-ning. 

Windows 10 is the deeveel of a reason why. It take a light year to update, then another light year to remove all changes. I see ning-ning to try and understand why, and to figure out what I should do.

Wasn't 'til 1 a.m. last night that I go to sleep. 

I running on fumes right now.

The last time I really and truly see ning-ning was when the rat invade we ole family home and chomp-up the papaya. It would come at night and I just know it been hiding somewhere in the house. I could smell it as if it been wearing rotten meat for a coat.

I see ning-ning to get rid of that rat!

As I lay in me bed one night, I imagine what ning-ning look like.

Lemme see if I can make it more easy to understand with more examples:

I been through hell to sort out that problem.

I endure horrors after eating fiery pepper.

Police in Guyana seeing ning-ning to get the citizens to stay home during this covid-time.

You get the jist?

May your weekend be ning-ning free, plenty love, neena xx.


  1. I love that phrase - and hope your ning ning moments are few and far between.

    1. You too, Child, I hope you don't see too much ning ning.