Friday, 28 May 2021


Dear Friends, 

Look, the photos I did want to share yesterday, but...bleddy problems!

Welcome to we big ole home by de sea. :-)

Hope you like them-these glimpses into a 3rd world home.

Plenty lurve, neena xx.

Flowers I planted by the roadside, under the bitter neem tree.


Under the verandah.
Concrete coloured with red powder which was smoothed on to the cement.
Some people prefer green. Others leave it plain.
Rain's just finished pouring, can you tell?
See my market bags?

Inside the front door, first set of steps. Come on up.

Top of stairs, living room.

Living room. Sit here, I will get you cool fruit juice.

There once was a child who always wanted to see our bathrooms. 
I always had to take her to see both of them.
(Ooops, please ignore my red dress, my post-afternoon bath attire).


  1. Simple and lovely. I am very, very glad that blogger relented. And hope it has here too.

    1. Child, thank you. Simple and uncluttered goes well with the sea breeze. I'm so happy blogger is working *properly* again. I can't wait to see what photos you have up. I "took" mum on a journey to the art show on your blog, the post about the paintings. How she ENJOYED it!

  2. Hi Neena, it's me, your old friend from Facebook. A very nice home you have there, can I come visit? I'm working on a SI-FI novel at the moment, a bit different to the short stories written. Can'think of a title at the moment. Still have a page on FB, but it's only for a few friends I know by personal contact, and they are writers too.

  3. Hello Robert Smith, my dear old pal from facebook. How lovely to see you here. It's nicer here on the blogs. So many kind, sweet people. Yes, you're very welcome to visit me when I'm in Guyana. :-)

    I do hope you're doing well.

    I'm excited about your sci-fi book.

    You can always email me. I miss talking about writing.