Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Flor'da time again.

The sun called...

The cat hid, waiting to rush outside (not allowed).

Flor'da got MILLIONS of this!!! No, no, I ain't exaggerating!

Who ain't like morning sunshine, eh?

I want to teef this :-D

Nature weaving.


Then the cold front came for nearly a week.


How y'all does do it?  How y'all does get warm when de chill wind blow? 

Monday, 4 December 2017

The pen.

Dear Reader,

I was recently challenged by Kim (photographer) to do a series of black and white photos. (Long story, was a meme on social media).

Well, I thought, why not share, via, these pictures, my passion for the written word and the basic tool? 

I am intrigued by how this simple object can pass on messages, tell stories from centuries ago; with it, we can share the abstract...our thoughts, ideas, things we imagine.

It's a tool that can cut away all the lies, the vile deeds of human beings and reveal the truth.  Yet, it can be used to cause pain, create fear. It can make rulers decimate millions of human beings. One entire people...gone.

And in the right hands, it can heal the entire world.  

Great writers have  used it to lift our spirits...

The good men of ancient days have used it to guide us towards the better path.

Artists then, as today, have used the pen to teach us too.

The pen, you see, can be used to take us to the inner landscape of ourselves, leading us from our dark selves, to that place where we can find the light.

Dear Friends, y'see? We have been given so much to help us learn to live better lives, to be better people. We don't need more clothes, more shoes, bigger houses, faster cars.

Most of us have all we need, and can share.