Monday, 19 October 2020

 Ahhhh, me Dear Friends,

How life treating you all?

Remember the last time I been here? Struggling to format me manuscript to publish it online? 

Remember me saying that trying to understand the manual on how to format was like trying to get water to seep into a stone?

Guess what!!!

I give you three guesses.

Or as we-the-people say, as we drop the h from three...

...t'ree guesses.

The stone break, water seep in and the tree grow.

It feel like a miracle.

I in shock. learn how to format me manuscript. All by meself.

And I upload it.

And they approve the formatting.

Lemme pick up me jaw from the floor!


Big Ole Home By De Sea.

You can go here and read a sample on the Online Reader link.

The lesson for me is matter how small I feel, no matter how hard the ground...

...if I keep going, I can make it.


Ever had a tough task, a difficult phase in life, but you persevere until...?

Nuff love,