Tuesday, 20 August 2019

On the move.

Me Dear Friends!

What a tamasha that fall upon me in the middle of the year after two dear friends die.

I been feeling chirpy like them birdies the day the trouble land, I been bright like sun and happy like grass (don't put that in you' pipe and smoke it, 'cause it ain't that kinda grass, and anyway, I can't stand smoke), the Manager-Lady come to see me in me home by de sea. She take off she shoes. She come inside, she sit down. All this she never do before.

She say, Everybody got to leave, we ain't running this place no more.

Ow, people, ow, how me nearly break with fright. Nearly.

The rent all over town is catering to foreigners. Since they find wells of oil in we land of many waters, citizens turn every nook and cranny into Furnished Apartments. Lizard dung pon de window-sill included as decoration.

Ohhhh, the places I did see.

Ohhhhhhh. The packing, the boxes, the work, the tiredness, the sadness, the money it cost to move.

So, there me was, in me new place, trying to create me own li'l space.

Birds sing from dawn 'til dusk, crickets holler, frogs soak in de canal and stop calling to one another when I go to watch them, and it got big garden with a landlord who don't mind me gardening.

Then...poof...was time to go be with my mother in Florider. And here me is, with she, learning patience all over again.

Now...only now...I can feel the creative spirit moving in me, calling to me to write, to get to work, to put things in place to start with the publishing that been waiting long, so long.

How y'all doing?