Friday, 27 March 2020

Oh, those vain poets.

Dear Kim,

I just done read you' thoughts about the role o' art in these here troubled times:

Me can't believe that we got people who feel that art is a frivolous past-time, that it unnecessary right now. They couldn't be more wrong.

I must say though, negative people does serve a good purpose. They stop we in we tracks, make we take a second look at we role as creative people.

Look, a quick thought from me:

Art is the language for those who can't find the words, for all who need release. It helps us to dig our way out of the dark self, the frightened self, to seek a way out of it, to find that light we all so need in good times and bad.

I'm busy reaching out to people in Guyana, they are so scared...what with the virus and the threat of dictatorship looming.

I'm so busy trying to calm others, I almost forgot to calm myself.

Art helps me. I must sit still and think.

Dear Reader, if you passing through this space, or if you visiting Kim, share you' thoughts, nah?

Monday, 23 March 2020

Love ain't money, you can give away a lot.

Dear People,

I been thinking how, as a creative, cheerful, sunshine-wala, it is me duty to cheer you up.

I must show photos of flowers.

And food.

Lotsa food.


Dogs doing clever tricks.

Adorable babies.

I been watching Internet folks being witty, posting jokes on social media with emoticons crying from laughing too much. I share them too, these li'l bits o' candy.

I been watching intellectuals channel they anger and fear into fine, sharp words, to motivate governments to do the right thing for people in this dreadful time.

I must jump on me soapbox too.

And be passionate.

Unleash words that gon get hundreds of likes.

But feeling in me heart that nothing don't get done.

Or maybe, something.

Our leaders might hit the jackpot and everything gon work out lucky.

(Unless they in South Korea, or Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan, where they ain't playing, they behaving more like loving parents with discipline).

And we...

...we gon weep 'cause of the arrogance of The Grand Shepherds so careless and callous, look how they fumbling and lost more than the lambs they was supposed to care for.

How they gon write we history, I ain't know.

They gon say what a valiant fight we put up?

They gon say how much money we businesses did lose, but we bounce back?

They gon pat one another backs when is safe to do so again?

Drink champaigne?

Or whatever they drink when they flatter each other?

I ain't know what to do or say to comfort you, dear aching, lonely people... who ain't hip and healthy and young and cool... who others neglect, forget,

you with skin that tell ancient stories, who don't have university words, flowers, pies and pastries to pose online,

stew and other mouth-watering


I ain't know what to say to comfort you, but believe you me, I love you and wish I could hug you too.