Saturday, 15 February 2020

Welcome weary wanderer.

When this whole world feel like there ain't nothing to be joyful about...welcome!

Here, you get heapings o' light and delight!

Book to come later this year, August 11.

In the meantime, see you on your blogs.

Pssst! Y'all can spot the monster in the picture?, it ain't the parrot.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

An old interview.

Hello Everyone!


Sundy again, and what a day! Sunny and warm with a cool breeze making them trees go we wish-dis we wish-dat. It did feelin' like one o' them Enid Blyton-days, you know when she describe pixie and fairy village, and when you was a chile, it feel like something different and wonderful?

(I really need to grow up and stop being so childlike or childish, choose the adjective).

Me and Mum been for a walk and coming back, I stare at them sheep-clouds plodding in the blue scene up there, and the sunlight lick me face. I smile wide like the sea, then I think, "Shees, imagine what the people driving by must be thinking."

Me 'n' Ma been proper mellow. Now and then, when the moon full, we does have a li'l misunderstanding, y'know. Tell me who don't. (Between you and me and these four walls, Ma is a Very Stubborn Oldster! Stubborn as a Teenager!). But we don't stay vex for long, thank goodness.

Anyway, I come home, and been going through some old stuff, and find this link, a' interview I do back when we been living in the big ole family home by the sea:

Ahh, them was days, when blogging was the thing.

I want to go and read blogs, so see y'all soon....

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Au naturel.

My dear friends,

How you all doing?

Yesterday morning, I been thinking how, if I been back home, I woulda been tripsing out with the sunrise to the market.

The morning fresh like the world start over, the sun and dew-in-the-long-grass and birds and earth and everything in between feel like they singing. Hardly any traffic.

At the market, I meet and greet and gyaff (chat) with vendors, and I give change to beggars who, when they collect enough money, buy hot breakfast, complete with tea. One o' them does probably feed he drug habit, but who is me to judge, what if the man is buying food instead?

Going home, I drive into the rising sun sitting in a sky full o' orange and pink, tangerine and grapefruit and peach colours. I does find meself singing loud-loud.

After breakfast, I empty me basket, wash the earth off everything cos, yes, it is produce straight from the soil. Everything come in they own natural skin, not wrap-up in plastic. And too besides, I like to support the market vendors.

That ain't a a plantain.

One o' me favourite food that I buy is breadfruit. It taste like potato and sweet potato mix-up together. but the texture is not so soft.  You can make chips with the green one, curry with the half-ripe one, pie with the ripe one, milk-shake with the super-ripe one.

Breadfruit!! How me love breadfruit.
If you come to visit me back home, I gon make a good ole-fashion fish-soup like the one I make last week, right here in Merica, for me and Ma. Plenty onion, garlic, celery, yam, sweet potato, potatoes and spinach. And fish, naturally.


And for dessert, I would feed you fruit. I hope you don't mind. Honest, we fruit taste like bliss. They gon make you' eyes roll over in you' head in ecstasy.

Sweet, milky star-apple gon drive you wild.

Papaya ripe in the sun.

Sapodilla is like caramel and butterscotch.
As you can see, I like me food all natural, none o' that artificially-inseminated-flavours.

Oh! If you don't like fish soup, I can make something else.

What you like eating?