Monday, 17 September 2018


Here me is again in Florida, visiting Ma.

Every time I got to go through that airport routine, take off belt, shoes...


I does think...

...suppose somebody pants fall down?

Or worse, suppose somebody shoes smell 




like Mattaar shoes?


Dat man shoes did smell so bad like rotten cheese and ganda egg...

...long Guyana story for another day!


Y'all does remove shoes at the door when you enter you' home? 

We do, in Guyana, and we bring the habit here in Florida.

Fortunately, we shoes does behave civilised.

Shoe superstition: never buy shoes for you' man or woman.  They gon wear dem same shoes and walk out on you.

In some culchas, if you beat somebody with you' shoes...BIG INSULT!

Speakin' of culture and shoes, one of the best stories I ever see about shoes was a movie, Children of Heaven, about a boy and he li'l sister adventures 'cause of a lost pair o' shoes.

Things we take for granted, eh?