Friday, 22 June 2018

"What doooo you do all day?!?"

Dear Everyone,

How y'all doing?

No, better question...what y'all doing?

For some reason, it does bug people here that they don't know what I do all day. Because, a woman who ain't married don't have nothing to do.

One gal even get upset and ask me in a' almost angry tone, "What doooo you do all day?!?"

Y'know...women here only live to take care of man and children.

"Is only you one, what you got to do so whole day?"

I does want to say, "Well, I does pick me toenails, scrub me heels, I cook and eat whole day."

The 'cook and eat' part they wouldn't believe though, cos I small.

For some reason, if I say I taking care of me health, it does bug people. Like, that is a selfish thing, taking care of y' supposed to be checking up on them, calling them, visiting.

The truth is exactly this though...I been taking care of me...that is, me health.

I learn a good-good lesson these past months after I get sick, asthma, the works.

The whole time while I been sick, I only do the basics.  And I fall into the social media hole, scanning this, scanning that, watching other people play, create, talk, laugh......

Then I realise, Eh-eh, this ain't good at all, at all.

I pick up meself, dust off, and make a list. As some of we here say, Dheeray-dheeray...bit by bit...I start to feel better.

And it dawn on me again that what me best friend in the Whole Wide World say is true. Health should be a priority.

Now, I editing with me heart and soul, walking, observing...

...I gone to buy yoghurt.