Saturday, 23 October 2021

Explorers all we are.

My dear Friends and Fellow Explorers,

See me here...the sea-water is deep-deep blue, the sky is a light-hue, and gentle warm-ness sliding all over me skin as I float, I peep open me eyes, and sun and water make rainbows on me eyelashes.

Birds wheelin' and callin' far above and they music and the song of the lapping of the waves mingle with the soft reggae on the beach.

Under a tree, fish frying in a pan, steaming in another, johnny-cakes frying, and bammy...thick round cassava bread...steaming. Me belly cuss me, grumbling to me that she hungry.

Ahhh, me dear Friends and Fellow Explorers... me is, in me room, not gone nowhere.

I don't feel sad though cos I been everywhere, me mind carrying me anywhere I want to go, free, exploring the world through music again.

The music was the rain, I feel like a drought done and now ideas drop from me like water from the source, first in trickles then they gather and flow into the stream, to the river, to the sea of me.

And above me, inside o' me, is a bird in the blue in warm sunshine, wheelin' and callin'.

Stay well and feel free, dear Friends and Fellow Explorers,

Plenty lurve, neena xx.

P.S. Look two post-cards from another time and place when I been exploring. Hope you like.

Monday, 4 October 2021


Good day, my dear Friends!

In my lovely native land, Heritage Month done.

I wait 'til it finish to share these that I find around my sister home in Florider. 


Cos we should remember, celebrate, after the day or month gone.

Place mat that I call The Sun Mat.

Hand-woven basket, now old, stained.

A small detail.

What would you do with this basket?

One more basket.

With Ma in Florider, what a hectic month! She turn 85! Imagine that! Eighty! Five! What a month. Visitors traipse in, pre-birthday, post-birthday, on weekends, with perfume, clothes, a plant, flowers, fruit.


We eat, we heartily...with fambly, laugh loud like fishwife, slap table-top like raucous man.

For 2 days this weekend, I vacuum and wipe the house. 

I thought it said:

No lie! After all o' this, I feel a li'l frazzled, out o' me creative routine!

Got to make me list and refresh meself again, creative wise.

I turn to songs, photos, music, books, comedy, art, blogs.

Thank you, all you creative people everywhere. Thank you everyone of you who share you' love for nature, healing, beauty, art.

You are beautiful.

I love you all.

neena xx