Monday, 20 September 2021

The First People.

Hello my Friends,

Ever hear about the legend of Makonaima? Stories of Bush Dai-Dai

Them is from the legends and lores of the Amerindians, the First People, of my lovely native land. Them stories is some of the most fantastic, revving up we imagination, colouring we dark nights.

Sad to say, most o' we, the non-Amerindian citizens, don't know half o' them stories even though, every September, we celebrate Heritage Month. We hold a' exhibition of the Amerindian people craft in one place in town. On social media, they share photos of hot looking, nubile Amerindian girls, or those with mixed Amerindian heritage, in traditional wear. 

I could be wrong but I think we slowly discarding we lores for imperial cultures. 

When Halloween come, citizens with money gon be wearing fancy costumes, posing for the media. This gon eventually trickle down to them with less money. How many gon think this is the ideal?

Here is what I did write about it some time back, including it in me book.


Nov. 19.  Do not discard.

That snake skin in the gutter, strangely enough, remind me of something from me past, flowing in me present - stories from ancestors in me blood, and legends from me country that plenty folks here almost forget, that children don’t know now.

As soon as me mother say that them snakes in the yard like me, the story of the strangest marriage wriggle-out from me memory.

It is the story of the Amerindian girl who did marry a camoudie, a snake that does wrap around man or animal; it can squeeze the life outta you and swallow you wholesale.

The girl, a’ beautiful Arawak girl, refuse plenty-plenty suitors.  Then one day, a handsome young man arrive with horses dress-up with gold.  He ask permission from she father for she.  Right away, the girl say Yes.

Wedding day was glitter and gold, the groom bring a dress of golden threads for he bride.  After the wedding, they set off for the groom home.  On the way, he embrace he wife and...

...the wedding-wagon turn into a pond, and the horses dissolve into water which fill the pond...and the groom turn into a camoudie.

The girl swim and swim ‘round and ‘round to get away but the camoudie grabble she and wrap around she.

The snake skin in we gutter remind me of something else too, that I observe in we lovely native land.  Instead of adding we stories to the grand history of man, to help illustrate the story of man, we-the-people is shedding we tales, leaving them to decay while we absorb only them foreign ones now.  While I...

...I dream of we stories flowing in we veins, grandparents passing them on, teachers teaching them along with foreign tales.  And poets, writers would refer to them along with Apollo, Cassandra, Persephone and others.


How about you, dear friends? How you feel about legends and stories from you' part o' the world? 

Have a great day, filling and nourishing.

Plenty love, neena xxx.

Saturday, 11 September 2021

One week of bliss

My dear  Friends,

I ain't no photographer, it is just me phone-camera that I use always. I take pics to remind me of happy places, and, sometimes, weird-ridiculous things. Me pics is visual notes for me, for later.

So, when I show you them pikchas of what I take last week, please bear in mind that they gon look like some normal place to you. But, to me, when I look months later, I can feel again the warm breeze and sunlight on me skin, and hear the cicadas in the bush. I can smell the sweet grass crushing under me feet. I remember the peace.

Inside the verandah, looking out.

I had to go...

I had to go!


Late afternoon sunlight, inside, looking out again.

Outside again.

Near the top. A hole to freedom? Or a home?

At the very top, wildness let loose.

At the top, looking towards tamed life, wildness behind me.

Down again, close to the road.

It late now, Friends, I falling asleep as if Sandman throw extra zzzzsand. 

See you tomorrow. 

As the Arab proverb go, May you wake up to good news. 

Plenty lurve, neena xx.