Thursday, 26 November 2020

Welcome Foodies.

Hello Dear Friends,

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Or as we-the-people say, T'anksgiving Day.  

Dat 'th' sound is so difficult to make.  And too besides, who need a' extra H, eh? Everybody know what we mean when we say, "We got t'ree trees in we yard."

Anyway, with the way everybody tanking up on food, T'anksgiving might be a better word, if you ask me.

Turkey roasting in almost every house in America, even in homes of people who never eat turkey in dey previous homeland.

I NEVER had turkey while growing up, and I did never meet anybody who eat it then either. But I can bet you any bet, the people who eat it Back Home would curry it, bake it, fry it cripsy with plenty spice. 

I won't be surprised if they make pepperpot with it too.  

Pepperpot is a wicked-delicious stew. To cook it, you need cassareep, a sauce that the Indigenous People make with grated cassava. 

Speaking of wicked!

Here is something straight outta me book!


Big Ole Home By De Sea on Apple.

Big Ole Home By De Sea at Barnes and Noble.

Big Ole Home By De Sea on Smashwords.

I been working on dis for a good while, trying to sketch tiny scenes from the book. I hope it tickle you' curiosity.

Cheers and stay well.

Plenty love,