Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mother & daughter.

Dear Everyone,

I know dis gon sound weird but!

Every morning...

...every single blessed, gracious morning, me and my mother got a tradition going.  We call up each other to see how the other is doing. Just a li'l half hour talk.

I call cos she does worry about how I do, being mostly alone here.  I call cos, as she say, "I love to hear your voice." (Not that I am that special of all she children...she love to hear all o' their voices).  I call cos it make she happy.

I does have to tell she every scrap of news going on here. Sometimes, she reminisce about the old days.  Sometimes, she give me tons of advice.

One day I say, "Mummy, how about if I start a blog for you and you write down all them things you tell me?"

She say, "Suppose I tell you and you write it down."

So...that is what ah doing now. Ah putting into a series of book my experiences with my mother, the stories she tell me too.  I don't want it to be like typical novel-book though. I want it to have the chatty, casual feel of conversations.

I better go pick up my clothes in the verandah, I see a bird landing on one line!!!


  1. Splendid idea. If she is like my Mum every now and then she will draw the line - "I don't think you should be asking that Pat!" Good luck my dear.

    1. Pat, I know the line :-D I'm such an old-fashioned girl :-D

  2. Really looking forward to reading it 😀

    1. Z, my writing mojo went for a ride without me and left me with apathy. I don't know if it's the madness taking place here in Guyana, and worrying about what will happen to us [sad face sad, unhappy face].

  3. Hi there cheeky gyal! Sounds like a good idea to me,

    Why does your comment box have such yeensy weensy text? I cannot see what the heck I be typing, my glasses am not microscopics!

    1. Keith, I don't know how to make the writing in this comment box bigger!!


  4. Replies
    1. Kim, if I only knew where my writing mojo's gone, I'd be writing merrily. I think I'm too worried about what's going on here. I wish I knew how to find it again.

  5. That is very readable, keep going!

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