Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Hammock or chair?

Dear Friends,

You ever, while travelling past homes, get curious and want to know what they got inside?

Confession...hehe sheepish grin...

...when I see the local people photos on social media, I don't look at the people. If the photos is of the people in they homes, I does check out the background.

I want to know what they table look like, what they got on it, how much plastic flowers they got in they living-room, what kinda decoration they put up. I stare at they ceiling...look, look, blue zinc roof, hammock in the kitchen, wow...

...yes, I got insane curiosity about people homes.

So, anyway, I decide that if I's so fass (curious...nosy), you might be too, and I decide to share with you a couple o' things I useta have in me li'l apartment by the sea.

You don't mind leaving you shoes at the door? 

Like I explain in a mo' early post, we leave we shoes at the door. If you squeamish, scroll past while I explain again why...

...them streets got...

squash-up dead frogs
cow pat
horse pat
and I don't mean you pat them on they head
dog poo
man wee on the roadside, ewwww, think of the dust drying on that.

See now why we leave we shoes at the door?

Okay, look we here, right inside the door, sorry, no plastic flowers, only these:

From Ikea. I paste them on the door instead of the wall.

Fresh frangipani on the bookshelf.

More books. And things from other parts o' the world.

Anyway, if you not interested in them-these things, we can gyaff...chat. Everything you tell me, gon stay with me. I gon be like these 3 bears.

I ain't see nothing, I ain't hear nothing, I ain't repeating nothing.

We can sit in the living-room, but most people prefer the verandah.

Like me purple plant from Mars?

If rain start up, we can go into the kitchen and, as the locals say, skin we teeth...laugh-laugh-laugh...while I warm up the food on the stove.

Laugh 'n' gyaff (chat)

Y'all don't pay any attention to this frog here, he always trying to get this lady to kiss he. He ain't turning into no prince. He is me servant, let-we full up he belly with tea and put he in hot water.

What kinda tea you want?

Hold on a sec. while I put some food to eat.

Coming up...food....


  1. Great post! I make sure people leave shoes at the door as well. It saves on my having to clean the floor or the carpet. I was at a christmas party over the holiday and the child of a friend went in the back yard and then came back in shortly thereafter, and about 6 steps in, the host of the party noticed dirty foot marks. His wife was livid. I would have been upset too!

    1. Ooooohmegoooosh! George! I'd be upset with the parents but I woldn't let on.

      Once, a gal visiting my home brought her child with her, and that child made a mess of my things, I even lost earrings. And the mother sat in the living-room, smiling.

      Man, when I was a child, I dared not make a mess in other people's homes.

  2. Smiling.
    No plastic flowers here.
    A llama on our front door mat.
    And books, books and more books inside, with an eclectic collection of ornaments as well
    Tea? Any kind (except Earl or Lady Grey).

    1. Child, I knew a little old lady in Oz who had lots of plastic flowers. It's a very Guyanese thing too. A friend calls them dust-gatherers.

      Books make a home look and feel wonderful, don't they?

      Would you like lemon-grass tea with cinnamon and clove and orange peel?

    2. I would love some lemon grass tea and cinnamon. Hold the orange peel.

  3. Thanks for the photos and wee insights into your life, Neena :)

    1. Kim! Wee insights! I felt I'd put a lot out there :-D