Monday, 19 October 2020

 Ahhhh, me Dear Friends,

How life treating you all?

Remember the last time I been here? Struggling to format me manuscript to publish it online? 

Remember me saying that trying to understand the manual on how to format was like trying to get water to seep into a stone?

Guess what!!!

I give you three guesses.

Or as we-the-people say, as we drop the h from three...

...t'ree guesses.

The stone break, water seep in and the tree grow.

It feel like a miracle.

I in shock. learn how to format me manuscript. All by meself.

And I upload it.

And they approve the formatting.

Lemme pick up me jaw from the floor!


Big Ole Home By De Sea.

You can go here and read a sample on the Online Reader link.

The lesson for me is matter how small I feel, no matter how hard the ground...

...if I keep going, I can make it.


Ever had a tough task, a difficult phase in life, but you persevere until...?

Nuff love,



  1. HUGE congratulations.
    I am so glad that your perseverance paid off and I am really, really looking forward to reading it when it is released in December.

    1. Child, I tell everyone it's a playful book, full of nonsensical things. Thank you 1 million for your support <3

  2. So delighted you've made it this far. Do let me know when I can buy a physical copy!
    Maggie and I were talking this morning about moving forward so slowly that often it feels we're not moving at all. And yet much of that movement is tiny steps, or in the dark and shade where it's not immediately seen - and only when we re-emerge into the light do we see just how far we've come

  3. Kim, looks like I will definitely have to do some paper books! Print on demand.

    To the non-creative person, it seems as though all that work simply appears out of nowhere, but it takes years, decades sometimes. It's been happening in our heads, before it becomes tiny footsteps.

    Funny that you wrote about's what I wrote about in my diary today, hiding in the shadows, keeping my voice to myself to not offend.

  4. Congratulations! That picture reminds me about that quote from Tupac about a rose that grew in the concrete.

    1. Thank you, Joey.

      Oooh, I love that reference to the Tupac quote. I must look it up.