Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Things that make me go aaah with gladness.

My dear friends, fellow explorers,

Yesterday, I stumble 'pon a pic of this card that I been looking for some days now.  Me Cousin Nan did send it. She know me so well! 

How Oscar Wilde know me even though he was born and dead years before me? Freedom, books, flowers and the moon. That is what I chock up me first book with.

This card make me go through a list of things that make me sigh with happiness.

Sea wind beating 'round me ears like soft drum.

The smell o' the sea, the brine.

Moonlight on the ocean.

Sunlight glittering on water.

Wind whistling like bird around the house.

Birds whistling.

Rain playing on zinc roof.

People who smile.

Children giggling.

Gyaffing...chatting...with people I meet.

After-dawn walks by myself...a li'l bit o' solitude.


The smell o' books.

The old library in town of me homeland, the wooden floor, the tall, wide glass windows, the smell of cut-grass wafting from outside.

I got a long long long long long long list. Mo' long than I can write here. 

That is why I write the Guyana books. I want to explore how, in a poor place, where we ain't got plenty art, music, theatre, we can find so much to fill we with delight.

Have a good day, even if you just stand under a tree and feel the humming. With love, neena. xx


  1. Oh yes.
    I have a fridge magnet which says 'If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need'. A quote which is close to the mark for me.

  2. Child, digging up the garden, the smell of the fresh dirt, clean, minty, earthy smell...ahhhhhhh....

    Then taking a shower, eating, and nestling down with a delicious book!