Saturday, 10 February 2018

Well, hello Sunshine!

Dear Everybaddy,

How y'all doing?

Here me is, back home, dodging bandits, rain, cow poo and squash-up, mash-up, flatten-up frogs on de road.  If you want gory details about the frogs, email me.

I got a li'l secret. Don't tell nobody. Promise me, swear with a clean tongue on you' right hand, left hand and heart.

I workin' on me 3rd book, which I hope to publish first. I working on a Guyana series which gon move on to...well, never mind...this gon be the first.

It is about a gal with she mother, how they struggle to communicate, how they get along, how the gal is a botheration daughter trying to be a good daughter. The book gon include all the people who move in and out and back into they life, like, y'know, real-life.

It gon make you laugh, and hopefully, it gon make you think. Best of all though, it might make you look at the people in you' life in a positive kinda way.

Next time I write, I gon tell you how this good daughter wasn't good one day, 'til she come home and realise she mistake.....

What y'all up to?

I got to go to the market but rain pouring like bucket got holes.


  1. Look forward to hearing/reading more!
    Meanwhile, it sounds like it's raining frogs... :)

  2. Kim, the frogs hop onto the road and the cars squash them. :-O

  3. congrats on writing your third book!

    1. Thank you, George. The problem is getting published online...we can buy stuff online, but to get paid online...we don't have the system in place. We need to have some form of legislation. And legal matters take forever in Guyana.

      BIG SIGH.