Thursday, 20 December 2018

In between countries...

Recently, I been running like salamander on water between countries. True-true story!

From home...

to Ma...

...Ma to home...

Every time I leave Guyana to go Florida, them Guyanese people does say, "Enjoy you' holiday."

"I ain't going for holiday," I does protest. "Is like going from one home to another. Same things I do."

I manage, between the huffin' an' de puffin', to finish the first of me Guyana series manuscript. I find a seriously talented artist who draw me concept of me book cover. It wickeeeed baaaaad. 

How me excited.


I got to wait. I got to sort out a couple o' legal things before I pooblish.

What to do, eh? 

My philosophy in life is this...sometimes, we got to wait.

In the meantime, I building memories....

What y'all doing for Christmas?


  1. Lovely to see a post from you.
    I hope while you are running you remember to breathe...
    Hooray for memory building.

    1. Child, I go for walks early morning, and I go outside and look at the flowers in the grass which my sister insists are weeds :-D

  2. Hope the wait isn't too long! Wishing you the very best over the festive season :)

    1. Thank you, Kim :-)

      I also hope it doesn't take too long to publish. Everything takes longer when you live in a 3rd world country that's always squabbling, and *they* don't put systems in place to help the ordinary citizen. We basically have to fumble and find our way around.

  3. True. Sometimes we have to wait. My Christmas was quiet. It was just me. I watched tv and napped all way. Couldn't afford to go home from Christmas. My temp assignment was ending in a few days so I needed to hold on to the money I have to pay rent in a couple weeks.

    1. I hope you weren't too lonely, George.

      I've spent a fair bit of Christmases and Eids and other holidays by myself. Now, I've found a way to enjoy them. But I still miss family and loved ones.

      I hope you get a fabulous job, and I hope people notice your cakes and your business takes off.