Monday, 6 May 2019

Books that make you feel better.

Dear Fellow-Bloggers-Friends and Passers-by,

There me was, one Friday in March...only a month ago and change...was a real nice afternoon, sea rockin' in the afternoon sunshine, I watchin' the water through me window, swingin' to a Trini song, famalaylaylay.

That very night, I cry meself to sleep.

Soon as I sit down from the dancin' and the watchin' of the sea and sun, the phone ring. A friend in Miami callin'.

Another friend, we former co-worker in The Island, die. The swine flu kerry she away.

She was one o' the kindest, sweetest, funniest, mad-craziest, most organised-est person you could ever know. She was more than friend to me. She was family.

I text me sister, and when she call, I break down in sobs.

Was dark, lonely days.  I haul meself out and start to walk - same ole surroundings but I discover something new-not-new-yet-new-again...if you know what I mean.

Early April, when the sun shine in me again, another sadness descend.

A family friend in the ICU. Every morning after dawn, I visit for a week. That man been good beyond good.  Gentle, with a playful, quiet sense of humour. Never carry baggage. Always had a wise word or a joke to share. Or a dare not cough, he would hand you a mint from he car pocket (he useta drive taxi). He and he wife did adore each other.


Past tense.

He too gone.

Not long after that, I been to a dust-covered street in a small village, where another friend lose consciousness at she mother funeral.

You know what help me to not feel overwhelmed?

A book.

A book hilarious from start to end...Daisy Fay And The Miracle Man. If ever you dealin' with sadness, flu or anything that bring you down, read that book. I promise you, you gon recover like light switch flick on.

Speaking of books with humour!!

I got me book cover from the artist. It wild and mad and funny. My Florida brother did introduce me to the artist who been born in Guyana, study at Pratt Institute, now living in Florida. This chap is brilliant-brilliant!

I gone to write my book description now..........

If y'all know any books or films or videos or podcasts that full o' humour, please share!


  1. Heartfelt hugs.
    I always turn to books to feel better (or be distracted) too.
    I am really looking forward to seeing your book cover.

    1. Good morning, Child. I feel so good to be back on the blog, looking at your delightful photos. They make me feel that there is a safe place in the world. I am struggling with the longer version of the book cover now. argh :-D

  2. I'm so sorry for the people you've lost in your life. It's hard isn't it? I'm going to check out the book. :)

    1. Joey, thank you, and yes, it is hard.

      I think of you, how you work through your struggles, and come through, you are such a cool guy, you help me tons. Your blog is one of my happy places!!! xx

      Yes, that book will make you laugh!

    2. Aww thank you. Well we have no option to work through our struggles, and in the end it makes us more interesting people don't you think?

      The book does look good!

  3. I never tire of The Blues Brothers - always guaranteed to generate great belly laughs. Great music too :)

    1. Thank you, Kim. I will google it this weekend. Humour is so underrated. Do funny movies win awards? Anyway, doesn't matter. They win the hearts of people. They lift spirits. And that's what matters.

  4. Hello theгe! Would you mind if I share your bloɡ with myy twitter group?
    There'ѕ a lot off folks that I think would reaⅼly appeciate your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks

    1. Hello Anonymous, I'd be happy if you shared my blog with others. Thank you so very much for thinking it's worth sharing. :-)

  5. Thank you, George. I hope you're doing well, and your cakes are selling!