Monday, 10 August 2020


Dear Friends,

Ahhhh, me dear, dear friends!

What I can say? How to explain these past few months without being dramatical?

I been struggling with trying to learn how to format me manuscript. Lemme explain what I mean by struggle.

Ever try to pour water into stone? 

I ain't mean the stone got a hole and you pour the water into the hole. 

I mean you pour the water on the stone, and you wait for the water to seep into the stone.

And I ain't mean a porous stone that soak up the juice. I talking about a pahticular type o' is a pale blue-ish grey, with glints o' silvery-white-crystally type o' shimmer in it. It is a stone that they build house with. Hhhhhhard.

Me head is this stone.

I read the instructions on the manual a trillion times...the rest-of-the-world trillion, not the American trillion, which is less than the rest-of-the-world trillion. And I still struggle to understand what going on. I had to take a drill and work it into me mind. And finally, I understand a li'l bit.

So, that is where me is right now with the formatting. 

On top of all this, there was The Election Drama that been absorbing the attention of all and sundry of this here land.

March 2, the people vote.

Five months later, up to last week Sunday, the people couldn't get the results...even though all the observers...local, regional, international...could see that the guvament lose, and the opposition win. Some supporters of the guvament admit openly that the guvament lose.

The guvament throw tantrum, and create story so fantastical, the people start to say it could be a Netflix series. It been more dramatical than the Housewives Of series, that American show where rich ladies scream at one another.

If y'all coulda see the screaming that went down in Georgetown! Guvament minister ladies, shouting at media, and at opposition people, giving the Housewives ladies strong competition.

It get to a point where ambassadors, EU people, Caribbean leaders, plead with the guvament to step down. The pleas fall on ears hard like the stone I mention up there.

Every day was a different episode. People forget they cow and cat to watch the show.

Finally, after threats of personal sanctions, last Sunday, quiet like lamb, the past president concede. Drama done.

I hope y'all staying safe from bad politicians and other types of covid.

Plenty love xxx


  1. I think it's easier to avoid Covid 19 at the moment than bad politicians. At least if you stay in your home and go nowhere you are reasonably safe but bad politicians seep into every aspect of our lives and impact everything we do.

    1. Joey, that's so true. Bad politicians cause war, can plunge countries into grief, poverty...gee, I don't want to think about it.

      When the former govt. here went into office in 2015, the treasury was full. The country is now bankrupt. :-O In just 5 years, the country's bankrupt.

  2. Sigh.
    I so understand about a brain is which is harder than the hardest of stones and refuses to let new information in. I also understand (and rage at) politicians. The world over.
    Stay safe, stay well - and keep learning.

    1. Child, finally, the formatting lessons are seeping in. Perseverance was the key. And experimenting, and sleeping well the night before.

      Genius I'll never be :-D

      I hope you're doing well. Every day, you and all the other bloggers pass through my mind. Little things remind me.

  3. When we are worried about things, it occupies parts of the mind, like a data heavy computer programme running in the background, sucking up all the resources, so the main ones you use every day are sluggish and take much longer to complete tasks.
    And the more of these worries we have, the more of the resources they take up, until even the simplest tasks cause the computer, or brain, to crash.
    With Covid (huge programme), the Guyana election (another hug programme), and the insanity of Trump (another-nother huge programme) all running simultaneously, if we can get to the end of the day having still got dressed and eaten, then we have achieved against the odds.
    No wonder the stone cannot absorb any water...

    1. Kim, this explains it...worry overload. Even though I'm one of those who absorb non-creative information a bit slower than others, I'm not THIS slow. I had to get back into walking, taking deep breaths, being outdoors in the sun, under trees...