Sunday, 3 January 2021

C is for......

 Dear every FREEZING body out there,

It is 19 degrees C in this part of Florida.

C is for Cold.

To keep warm, I sitting with me laptop on a blanket on me lap. Got me feeling like toast...daub some marmalade on me...eeee me toes feelin' chilly, make a cuppa warm tea and pour it over me like love.

Yes, I know, based on what I hear out there in the wild, I am lucky, and I should appreciate. I should think, "Ow, those long-suffering people from my own native land is freezing in New York."

(When I say New York, I mean America. Everybody know that the other name for America is really New York).

Why they leave they warm tropics, where rain water was so nice, they coulda run out with soap and do ablutions? (With clothes on, of course, we don't need a crowd rushing to see free matinee).

Oh boy.

I just get a' text from Annie back home. She say the weather a li'l chilly. 23C. I refuse to respond like my Overseas People who love to show off and say, "That is not cold. You should come to (name country with uncivilised freezing temperature) then you will see what real cold is."


I didn't know we running a competition about where is more cold than where.

Aiiiye, I thinking about that toast and marmalade, I think I gon make some now with hot Milo or Ovaltine.


I got a li'l surprise coming up. Watch this space.

Y'all take care for now,

neena xxx


  1. You take care too please. And my latest Sunday Selections post has something in it just for you.
    I will indeed watch this space for your surprise.

    1. Child, I will be over there as soon as! I was dilly-dallying yesterday, doing all sorts of stuff with my mother, so didn't get to visit blogs yesterday. See you soooon. :-)

  2. One of my blog and podcast follower, Viji is from Chennai in southern India. She was telling me it was sooo cold the other night - it had gone down to 18C.
    It is very hard not to say, but that's a heatwave in Scotland!
    This morning, Maggie and I went out to the Shed Cafe for our morning coffee. We've been doing this since the original LockDown last March. The last few weeks we have to take a blanket with us though, as well as wearing extra layers, as the ground has frost and ice on it.
    From +1C to -2C it has been for most of the past fortnight.
    Doesn't stop us going out there though.
    However, I also have friends in Canada who think that -2C is t-shirt weather. Try -30C they will tell me.
    However, I then saw a documentary about the Antarctic and the penguins that will endure -70C and 90mph winds.
    I think they have us all beat!
    Happy New Year Neena - hope 2021 is good to you :)

  3. Happy New Year, Kim!!

    I almost fell over laughing when you said 18C is a heatwave. :-D

    You and Maggie are brave, why...why...? I'm such a coward, not even to go walking would I venture out in that kind of cold, and everyone knows how I love to walk.

    It looks like England outside my window...grey, bleak, even though it's not so cold today. Gosh.

    The thought of all those cold places makes me love the Caribbean even more. hehe.

    Stay warm, you and Maggie and Meg.