Saturday, 20 March 2021

English ain't de only language: Gyaff

My dear Friends, Travellers, Visitors, Passersby, Culture Vultures, Linguists,

The other day, I stub me toe so hard, I see stars, the universe sing tweet-tweet and go 'round in circles.

But not to worry, I ain't voylent. I didn't wish a million trumplings on nobody.

I only holler straight out loud: "Aiyeeee Gospodgee!!!" 

Forgive the spelling, I ain't know it, but not to worry, I ain't in the habit of cussing like Lucille the tantaria.  A nice lady from Ukraine teach me. She say it mean, "Ohhhh my God!" For when you in pain or get a shock.

How me love strange words and expressions.

Peace. Love. Garlic. Small. Good. Big. Very good. Hello. How are you? Honey. I love you.

Strange words is like new fruit. They can make me tongue curl and rebel if they tart, or they tickle me taste buds if they 'specially sweet. I nibble a new one here, or chew long and slow like cow in a hot field. Burp and bite again.

I am so glad I don't think like them people in certain countries (I ain't naming names) that feel English is the only language worth speaking.

Good thing the whole world ain't arrogant about language. If  you travel to other countries, you gon find not everybody will bad-mouth you for not knowing they language. In fact, you gon find people willing to teach you new phrases, different expressions. 

I know this for sure in my own native land. People only too willing to teach you. (Careful, some o' them very mischievous, and would teach you to say things you' mother and father ain't gon be too proud to hear).

We's a very gregarious lot. Garrulous. It ain't matter where you go in my own native land, you gon find people willing to share they words. In other words, we love to gyaff.

How you respond to the gyaff and the hyperbole-stories that they gon full-up you' ears with, is up to you.



Far as me concerned, not being able to travel don't stop me from discovering new words. 

Leh we gyaff...let's gyaff.  Whaz some of the favourite words and expressions in you' country?

Plenty lurve, neena xx


  1. I think the one Brits say that makes me grin is "Can't be arsed" when you can't be bothered to do something and of course "knackered" when you are tired.

    1. Joey, 'can't be arsed' makes me grin too!

      My former neighbour, who grew up in England and moved back to Guyana, says things like 'knackered' and 'chuffed'.

      When I'm tired, I say, I'm pooped. :-D Think I got it from an Aussie, though I don't know if it's an Aussie thing.

  2. English is emphatically NOT the only language. To my shame it is the only one I speak though I have some words from other languages - and am happy to learn more.

  3. Child, don't you speak Strine? hehehe. It sounds like a totally different language to me. Took me forever to figure out what "neegadivoine" was. Negative ion.




    Garbo. Fisho. Scomo.

    I love it!!

  4. Living in Scotland, married to a Scottish wife, she is always coming out with words I swear she is making up, but she swears they are good Scots words and she's been using them all her life.
    I was even bought a Scots-English dictionary once.
    But having lived here for a few decades, I have adopted many Scots words into my everyday language that bring me strange looks when I head into Englandshire to see my father or siblings.