Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Yatch yahtch yacth yacht

My dear, dear fellow Travelling Friends in this vast ocean of madness we call world and humanity, 

Here me is, still dreaming of owning me own yatch yahth yacth yacht...schuuups...maybe the day I learn to spell that bleddy word, I gon achieve me goal.

When I get me own ya...fancy boat...I ain't gon drop me waste into the sea though!!

I gon have a special loo or two that pasturise everything. Then, when it good and clean, only then I gon drop it into the water. When y'all see fat, happy fish, you gon know the cause.

What you mean, what I gon do whole day on me ya...fancy boat? 

I gon do everything I do on land. 

Sew. Doodle. Think. Eat...I gon cook food that don't come in plastic and wrappers and cardboard packages. My mother gon be with me...so I gon create a special garden for she to spend happy hours in. I gon sleep, listen to music, talk on the Internet. I gon write. And stare at the ocean.

Staring at the ocean can drive you crazy with gladness though. 

You can only stare for a few minutes, then you got to look away. The light of the rising and setting sun, the mid-morning twinkle, the light of the moon, shedding truth about beauty, on the dark sea, can do things to you' heart and mind that make you want to jump up and down with joy.

Imagine how you gon look to them coast-guards passing by. 

Why I talking so much about the ocean today?

Apart from the fact that the ocean is me, and me is the sea and I miss it...what with me being inland in Florider with Ma...today is World Meteorological Day. Y'know, the day when we recognise that keeping the sea alive is very important to the whole of We.

Speaking of Ma, I better go and cook lunch. (I getting hungry).

Ciao for now, oodles of lurve, neena xx

P.S. Y'all please come and visit me on me ya...fancy boat.


  1. I would gladly come visit you on your fancy boat.
    It is way tooo long since I have seen/smelt the sea.

    1. Me too, Child. How I miss the salty sea smell, brine, I think it's called. And the sea breeze drumming in my ears.

  2. For the first 20-ish years of my life I always lived within a few miles of the sea, and it never leaves me. If I go too long without seeing it, my soul feels the ache.
    Not seen much of it during Lockdown...

  3. Kim, you've said it here for me: "If I go too long without seeing it, my soul feels the ache".

    Here in the middle of Florida, far from the sea, my soul feels the ache.

    But, I believe that everything is for a reason. I must sit still and work out why.