Friday 5 November 2021

Blogging for peace.

Hellurrrrr (as Madea would say), Hellurrrrr my Dear Friends,

I did so want to blog from Nov. 4 - 7 about peace, but this pain in me teeth wouldn't even let me bite a hot biscuit. 

Had to look for dentist in the boonies where my mother live, and while waiting for the appointed date, I killing the pain with pain killer.

All o' this got me thinking how stress can proper sabotage peace on we insides, and before we can say Oh Lawd oh, we act as though badness take hold. I don't know about other people, I ain't like when that happen. 

So, I put on me hat and I been about looking for things to amuse me, to soothe me spirits.

Wha'....You don't believe? Is true! 

Laughter and peace got a tight connection. 

I know, I know, The Intellectuals mightn't agree. They think that Examination of The Miserable Self is the only way.
An old photo of this Miserable Character I found on a wall: The Peeled Paint Grouch.

Some o' The Intellectuals even useta scoff at Tyler Perry, the creator of Madea, for he type o' humour.

But he calmly tell the story of a woman who write to he and say how, at one time in she life, she did hit a very low point, so low, she been thinking that she didn't want to live anymore. By chance, she watch a bootleg Madea movie. She laugh so hard, she decide she want to live.

Anyway, I feeling a li'l peckish...hungry-ish. I going to see what is in the kitchen. Have a lovely weekend. Plenty love, neena xx.

The watermelon laughed and laughed.


  1. Love and laughter are WONDERFUL cure alls.
    I do hope that your dentist visit was successful and that you can focus on peace again.

    1. Child, thank you. Oh Lawd oh, this pain! The appointment with the dentist is on Thursday. In the meantime, I'm not skimping on the ibuprofen or clove (I chew the clove and leave it on the spot).

  2. I'm sorry you were feeling bad on peace day. Hope everything turned out better for you.

    I noticed your comment on my blog recently during Blog4Peace time last year. This year we will get you a proper peace globe!

    I love your writing. It's visceral. Real. Lovely.

    Mimi Lenox

    1. Welcome, Mimi, welcome.

      And thank you for you kind words. :-)

  3. Ah Neena... hoe dis I miss this? :\ VERY belated Peace wishes to you, and your teeth.

  4. Hello Mich! How are you, my dear? It's never late for Peace wishes. Every day is the best day. :-)