Sunday, 20 November 2022

Inside and out.

Hello me dear friends, it is a cool, grey Sunday in me mother new dwelling place. 

Rain, wait...rain falling, like proper falling. Not in sheets but I can hear it outside me window going splickety on concrete. The modern, generic battery-clock on the wall sound as if it marching through time slow-slow, like it is old, wearing heavy boots that go tick...tick...tick...

This is the kinda weather where we should be drinking hot chocolate and reading trashy magazines or rosemantic books.

I think I might do just that, haha, I got some ancient rosemantic books that an auntie send to me mother who refuse to read them. She busy reading Gogol and Omar Khayam and regaling me about them. What a thing, eh? I go to uni to study literature, and I emerge wanting to feed me mind with candy floss and sugar.

Anyway, me dears, before I go, lemme show you a few photos of what I been up to.

I stroll around the back yard.

I cut a piece o' dry banana leaf and doodle on it.

I pack away books on the windowsill.

I set up a cosy li'l space to hide away and write when I need total isolation. Welcome to me casbah.

Yesterday, me sister visit and bring these for me. Aiyyyye, me feet feel the love the whole o' last night.

This morning, I peek through the curtain and notice this for the first time.

Imagine that! Two weeks here and I only now notice this. 

Is as if we sometimes need the greyness of rain approaching to see colour.

Maybe it is a good sign.

Have a creative week and eat well. Take care o' you. Plenty lurve, neena.

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  1. Look after you dear friend. I love that you are surrounded by love, colour and books.