Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Coconut food!

My dear Friends and Foodies,

I just been checking out some food-gyaff (chatter) online with people of my own native-land. Oh boy, joy! You would think it was a holiday. 

Yes, despite we daily toil and troubles, if one person share food-photos from our own native land, we the people carry on as if a Royal Wedding happening.

Now, all that food-talk, and me writing about cokenut trees, give me the idea to list some o' the goodies and food we can get from the humble brown cokenut.

Cokenut milk for curry. And bhagee (spinach, pak choi...leafy green veggies)...

...oh meee motherrr!

That remind me of the day, about 2 years ago, when I been to Alex, the car mechanic. 

Picture the scene. 

Workshop in the open-fresh air, sun shining, light breeze puffing down the quiet street. Nyron, the young assistant, settle down on the outdoor concrete step of the building. 

He open he bowl. 

I crane me neck from a distance (to be polite). 


Hunger hit me like when Pavlov dawg hear that bell.

Thick daal on rice. And on de daal...bhagee. 

Bhagee cook with cokenut milk. Creamy and plentiful.

I don't know how I drive home safely that day, salivating, staring at them cokenut trees all the way.


Y'know what?

Remembering that day make me eye full up with water. I going to sit in the sun of this here foreign land and reminisce. I gon make me list another day. 

In the meantime, lemme share with you another tall cokenut tree tale. I ain't saying it is true. I only saying that the man who did tell me mother swear it ain't no lie.

Don't ask. I ain't know how Suresh can solve a problem for a jumbie. 

I ain't know what kinda problem a jumbie would have with cokenut trees. 

I ain't know if he can't sell the cokenuts 'cause he dead. 

I ain't know if the cokenuts falling too hard on he grave.

I only know that the sunshine calling me. 

Stay safe and happy no matter what.

Plenty lurve, neena xx.


  1. Don't ask? I want to know more of that story.
    And do love the versatile coconut. Muchly.

    1. Child, I should explain...when we say, "Don't ask", it's a shortened form of saying, "Don't ask me because I don't have the answer."