Saturday, 3 April 2021

OOOoooooo....learn this word if you ain't too scared.

Dear Friends, and Hunters of Paranormal Activities and Plain Ol' Simple Ghosts..., scratch "ghost"...we-the-people of my own native land don't say ghosts.

We say:

And to be honest, "ghost" sound like cartoon business. Like Casper the friendly ghost, and them creatures that Scooby Doo people does hunt for. They easy to find and chase. 

Even the word "ghost" is a soft word when you say it.

Now say "jumbie" (jumbee). 

Yai. Thaz the thing. 

Hear how the "J" and the "B" sound mean and tough like some men?

Which lead me to ask me sister, and one brother, the one in the UK.

How come we does only say:

How come we does only say jumbie-man? Not jumbie lady?

Me sister say: Maybe most of them is man?

Me brother say: Jumbie lady kyant friken nobaddy. (Jumbie lady can't scare nobody).

I ain't know what feminists gon make of that one!!

Okay, back to ghost vs jumbie.

If somebody tell you that you look like ghost, you know they mean you look pale, weak. 

But if they tell you that you look like jumbie, right away you know they telling you that you look like ten years o' bad luck.

Woyyy, better check the mirror.

Have a sweet and calm weekend, beautiful people.

With love, neena xxx.


  1. I already knew that word. And suspect that a jumbie woman would be the meanest and most frightening of them all...

    1. Child, now that you mention it...I'm thinking of the stories that my grandfather used to tell us...some of those jumbie women were baaaaaaaad. Ooooooh!!!