Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Daisy Days

My dear Friends,

Picture this.

You lay you'self down on a hillock, and the sun and the wind is warm like them days of childhood when we useta run barefoot in pasture.

Trees at the top of the hillock, trees in pairs, here and there.

Under one tree, herbs in pots, the wind send light fragrance towards you.

When it get too hot out there, you step into the patio...I call it verandah...with mosquito screen all around. In the verandah, plants lush like jungle surround you, nestlin' on tables, fah-lourishin' in big pots on the stone floor. 

Close you' eyes and feel the humid heat and pretend you back in South America. Aiye Dios mio, gracias for this loveliness.

Me and Ma house-sitting, Dear Friends, in this place.

Me cousin got to go to a conference and she, being carer for she 70-year old sister, couldn't find nobody to stay with she sister. Blame covid. 

The sister, nickname Daisy, is a "special needs" person. Daisy does look at you with intelligent eyes, understanding what you say, and the only problem is when she decide she ain't wearing she hearing aids. Then you got to talk loud for them cicadas outside to hear.  She does reply with a slight slur-speech in perfect Creolese.

On Sunday, me brother and sister-in-law and nephew come to pick we up to see he friend not far from here. Daisy, fresh from she shower, been trendy with dangly earrings and pretty dress, she short white hair comb down flat. 

Me sister-in-law say that, pre-covid, if they in the area, they does pick up Daisy and take she wherever they going to. Unfortunately, they live 3 hours away.

Yesterday, as mid-morning silence settle over we, Ma napping, I looking after some business-papers, I peep through this here wide window to see what Daisy doing in the verandah.

She sitting at a small table, fingers moving delicate like she weaving air and thoughts. She been doing a jigsaw puzzle. 

The whole world been in this little pleasure, sorting and finding and putting in place, one piece o' colour next to another piece. 

I watch for a good while. Ma rise from she nap. She ask, What Daisy doing? And I tell she what I see. 

Later, I look at the jigsaw picture. It was a popular Disney princess, 48-piece puzzle.

"People like Daisy come into we life for extra-special reasons," I tell me mother.

Right now, the two o' them peeling garlic in the verandah.

I must go cook lunch now, Dear Friends.

Have a lovely day, filling you' spirit with peace and joy. 

Plenty lurrrve, neena xx.


  1. Your words paint pictures which make me long to visit...

    1. Child, I'm back at the home where my mum lives. When I get a place of my own, and covid-19 has become endemic, you will be most welcome to visit. <3


  2. There's nothing quite like being with someone who is so completely in the moment that it makes us realise how unimportant the constant chatter in our heads is.
    We spend so much time mulling over the past, thinking what we should have done differently...
    Or projecting into a million different futures trying to work out what we should do now to avoid the unpleasant ones...
    That we miss the beauty of the now. Here. This moment.
    Rare, but wonderful, is the person who reminds us of this :)

    1. Kim, she does, doesn't she? She remind us to stay in the present, to get deeply involved in what we are doing, and do it to the best of our ability.

      Daisy reminds me of who I'd become when I was back home. I'd learnt to accept the realities of life there, its limitations, my limitations, and to see the beauty of the people in my circle, how we love and care for each other.