Saturday, 14 August 2021


My dear Friends,

August 1 was a happy day...a sad day of remembering...throughout the Caribbean. 

That was the day when African people who been enslaved by the British Empire was freed. (Every year, when this day come around, my mind does try to imagine how the Africans then did feel when they hear about Freedom).

I ain't know what everybody back home do this year to celebrate though...y'know, with covid about.

Holiday is the one day in my lovely native land when the streets empty. Everybody gone to creek, in the park, in back dam. Cooking, eating, gyaffing...chatting...laughing. Deprive them of every form of likker, and they still would enjoy time out of this world.

Here in Florider the streets empty every day. One or two people walkin' they dog. Been like this even pre-covid.

To be honest, I am real glad people staying home. Bleddy delta virus running rampage up and down in Florider. If I encounter anybody walking they dog, they cross the street and greet me hello in a very friendly manner.

The other day, late afternoon, I walk in the brilin' hot sun up to the lake. The heat leave me feeling drugged, like slumberin'-mellow. That night, I bade in warm water, I put on a long cotton nightie, crawl in bed with book. The next thing I know, morning peeping through the window.

I must go now and make lunch.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody. Stay safe and healthy and happy no matter who trouble up.

Plenty luuuuve, neena xx

My lovely native land. One road where you don't find a lot of people!!

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  1. That sort of freedom is ALWAYS worth celebrating.
    Stay safe, and as cool as you can.