Sunday, 22 August 2021


No, no, me dear Friends and Comrades in a conniption,

I ain't living in a vacuum.

I been vacuuming the rooms. Busting dust. 

Two days doing dat.


I lift horse, cow, turn chairs, and haul out dat dust like Superwoman.

De dust in de room, you couldn't see it. But in the vacuum container, it grow fat like a lazy grey cat. If you coulda seen dis dust! (Why, by de way, house-dust is always grey? I never see green house-dust. Or pink. Or pupple. Or even brown).

Whenever I cleaning house, I does get philsophical.

I been thinking how we get fooled that life is supposed to be wonderful 100% of the time. We become like spoilt children. Protesting and screaming. We want we fun and we want it naoooow. Imagine, if all o' we did do like New Zealand and Taiwan - wait a li'l bit, ease up on de demands, stop wanting only for weself, this problem woulda disappear quick like magician doing a trick.

I been thinking, if all capable bodies had a vacuum or a broom...imagine...

...well, okay, yes, that is true...some folks, no matter what, they would stay permanently vexed...

Me on a hot day, vex like a mad cow.

...but y'never know...they too mighta calm down and hear the riddim of things.

De riddim of t'ings.

When you hear de riddim of t'ings, you start to sing.

You never know.

You never know.

Have a lovely week, dear friends. I hope you can stand under a tree (where there ain't no birdies 'cause they drop a kinda blessing you don't really want), and listen. 

Plenty lurve, neena xx


  1. Years back I had to take a teaspoon of dust from our vacuum to an allergist. What I took him was dirty cat hair (with a bit of my dirty hair as well).
    You are so right about the rhythm of life. We are in lockdown at the moment (but vacuuming is low on my list). I am reveling as I so often do in nature's beauty and lessons.
    Stay well dear friend.

    1. Child, your photos are glorious!! How I love at its finest, that's nature.

      Vacuuming is only high on my list because of my asthma. What a chore. I think I'm going to play music next time.

      I hope you're not allergic to cat hair, clean or dirty. Or your own hair.

      You too, stay well my dear friend.

    2. Of the ten most common allegens cat and dog hair were the only ones I don't have problems with. Which is lucky.

    3. Wow! Child! That is great. Phew. I'm happy for you. My cousin's wife had a cat she ADORED. But she had to give it away because she was allergic to it, or it was causing her to have breathing problems, something like that. She cried to break her heart.

  2. Yes why is dust always grey? My car is parked under a tree and it gets many blessings that I have to clean away in the morning. So why is bird poop always white?

    1. Joey, that bird poop on your car is art. Take photos, frame them and sell them! :-D You bet there is at least one person out there who would do that.

      Ha. Count your blessings that the bird poop on your car is white. One day, standing under a tree at home, something wet and foul-smelling landed on my shoulder. It was dark grey. I almost fainted.

  3. Just a quick comment to apologise for not commenting more. I do read your blogs, but so often they are at a time when my mind is capable of reading, but not conversing. :)

    1. I'm happy to hear you read here, Kim :-) I hope I don't bore you, scare you. I hope I make you smile sometimes. Thank you for dropping by. :-)

      See you soon on your blog.

    2. You always make me smile, reflect, consider and smile some more, Neena. Yours is one of the few blogs left that I read every post :)

    3. Kim, you've made my day! Thank you and I'm smiling like the Cheshire Cat!