Monday, 18 April 2022

Chanelling Ms. Pollyanna.

Dear Friends,

Maaan, that sure was a mighty monster of a pothole that I fall into in this here foreign land recently. Oh me Lawd-oh Gawd-oh.

In there, I see know, terrible troubles. It was murky and glumpy down dey. But good had a li'l bit o' water. I shine some light, and was able to see me self in the reflection. I wasn't too keen on what I see. 

Frien'-o, if you see how I defy graffity and fly out mo' fast than salipenter runnin' on the surface of Abary Creek.

Outside, I stop to breathe in slow, breathe out slow. I ketch me senses. And I remember...

...that time when I return home to Guyana for good, how lonely and miserable I been. Then I remember how I decide to start liking where me was, instead o' looking for what I miss about The Island that I remigrate from. 

I make up me mind. I gon channel some o' Pollyanna attitude. Now, I know many out there think that she is unreasonably optimistic. I wasn't planning to be like that. I was only going to take some o' she vibes and work it into me lifestyle.

I begin to do a set o' things that make me feel I was in a good place.

So here me is, in this here foreign land, being carer for Ma, remembering all the things I do back home to recover from falling into potholes.

I gon make that list and share with you soon.

Cheerio for now. Do something nice for you today. Plenty love, neena.

P.S. If you want a li'l peek into what I write about returning home...check it out here:

Singin' n walin' n laughin' n eatin'.


  1. I am a beauty addict. Luckily there is a LOT of it about (often in the natural world). Finding it makes a bad day better. And a good day better again.

    1. I'm 100% there with you, Child. It's what started me on my journey to finding joy...looking for beauty. In fact, I have a book planned one day for this. It's why I love your blog so much too. You lift spirits. xxx

  2. If you were in the UK, then the first thing you would do is either put the kettle on and make a cup of tea, or go straight round to a friend's house to tell them what had happened, and they would put the kettle on and make you both a cup of tea :)

    1. Kim, a cuppa tea at a friend's home sounds perfect. With biscuits. I have an Azeri friend in Guyana who makes tea with lemon, and I love it. We talk and I grumble and we end up laughing, then her husband comes home from work, and we chat some more. I go home feeling refreshed.