Sunday, 24 April 2022

Moon gazing.

My lovely friends and visitors trekking through, 

Ever been moon gazing?

No, I don't mean like Moon Gazer, the mythical creature tall like two coconut trees, who straddle the road on a full moon night, staring at the moon, and when you pass between he legs, he squeeze the living life outta you.

I mean regular height human-you, going outside on a full moon night, and letting the moonlight bathe you, and you stare at the moon until delight is the riddim of you' heart beat.

(Come to think of it, maybe that is what does happen to Moon Gazer...he does get so ecstatic when he see the moon, that when you pass between he legs straddling the road, he squeeze you because he can't contain he happiness. Something like me first nephew when he been about two or three years old. He used to get so full o' gladness when he see people he love, he would bite them.)

Anyway, back to moongazing. A friend tell me how foreigners in Guyana does sit at the back of a cane field on a full moon night just to watch the full moon rising.


...put moongazing on the list of things that I incorporate into me life to make me feel good.

I would go out on we road near the neem tree (that I manage to save from the teef...thief...but that is another story for another day), and I would stare at the moon. I would feel a mighty longing to release a howl of pure joy. The only reason I never bother to howl was because o' them security guards who was manning the properties of Important Neighbours. They mighta call the Berbice Mad House staff to come for me.

They probably already thought I was mad and they only been waiting for the chance to send me away.

According to them, based on what me friend, married to a diplomat tell me, ladies in fine neighbourhood don't sweep yards like me and she. 

I sweep the yard.

I pick fruit and eat straight from the tree.

I hop up on the garden wall and let the sea breeze wild-up me hair.

I weed, plant, grow worms (they had names), stand on the road on a Sunday morning in the sunlight and salt breeze.

I sew.

I listen to music and sing.

I dance.

And I accept invitations from friends.

I tune into nature, I listen and feel and I let nature soothe me.

That, me dear friends, is what I got to do again in this here foreign land. I got to tune into nature fully, every day, and work on me list of things that I do to feel good.

I going for a Sunday afternoon walk. Remind me to share the photos with you, okay? Have a wonderful week. Plenty love, neena.


  1. Of course I moon gaze. With awe. With wonder. With delight.

    1. Child, I know you do. :-) We're kindred spirits in the moonlight. The times I've seen the moon in Oz, it seemed bigger and closer. It was magic. Cold night air and the smell of eucalyptus.

  2. I spent a year in Canada as an exchange student, when I was at University - over 3,000 miles from home. Sometimes, when the moon was full, and the skies were clear Maggie and I would find a time when we could look at the moon at the same time, and know the other was doing the same thing, as a way to feel connected

    1. Kim, that is sooo romantic. I hope you and Maggie still moon gaze together. I think couples could learn a thing or two from you and Maggie.